ARC Windows Release 2016.01.15.00

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Software Information

- Soundboard STOP button stops the Movement Panel (auto position in most cases). Useful for making dance routines, the stop button will stop the last action.

- joystick control accepts ControlCommand() for reset

- camera control accepts port parameter for ezb v4.x/2 dynamic port assignment
Will we be able to buy replacement board seperate from the v4.2 to add to our existing v4 or have to purchase all new v4.2 ezb's. ( sorry if it's been answered I've been super busy)
You will - the board will be sold separately as an upgrade with detailed instructions on the upgrade process.
Can't wait to try the new version. I've got my first Boxbot built and I'm trying different controls on it. Also, big thanks to tech and warranty support for help with my camera problem, you guys are great.
That's great feedback @cparks! I'll make sure james gets the message about his effort:D
That's awsome DJ! Thanks for the info.
United Kingdom

Just to echo what the other guys have said. Thanks for all your efforts. Looking forward to the new board upgrade too.:)