ARC Release 2013.07.24.00

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This release has a few enhancements and a new feature - which I think is pretty neat:)


- Configure which sensor data is displayed in Sensor Stream Server

- new Video Player ControlCommand() for FullSreen and Restore Screen mode

- Variable data are now cleared when a new project is loaded

- New control SketchPad. Use ControlCommand() parameters to custom draw on the control. Use the control for custom room mapping. Or robot path history. Or face expressions in full screen mode. Or or or:) ... There is an example of how to use it in the Examples folder

- i2cWrite and i2cRead fix. Look at the i2c example for BlinkM in the Examples folder

- Memory Garbage collection forced for 3D Robot Designer. If opening and closing the 3D designer dozens of time in a session with lower memory PC would error.

Screenshot of the new SketchPad Control
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Whew, I thought I was losing my mind.

Awesome to hear it was a glitch.

I still owe you a few beers! :D
All is back to normal! Audio is working again!

Thanks DJ for the great customer support!
friends.. how do I use the Full Screen command ?...
ControlCommand.. and ?!...
Use the Cheat Sheet tab when editing script to see all available ControlCommands that are relevant to your project.
Thanks DJ.. I'll try to figure out how to...