Release 2013.07.24.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release has a few enhancements and a new feature - which I think is pretty neat:)


- Configure which sensor data is displayed in Sensor Stream Server

- new Video Player ControlCommand() for FullSreen and Restore Screen mode

- Variable data are now cleared when a new project is loaded

- New control SketchPad. Use ControlCommand() parameters to custom draw on the control. Use the control for custom room mapping. Or robot path history. Or face expressions in full screen mode. Or or or:) ... There is an example of how to use it in the Examples folder

- i2cWrite and i2cRead fix. Look at the i2c example for BlinkM in the Examples folder

- Memory Garbage collection forced for 3D Robot Designer. If opening and closing the 3D designer dozens of time in a session with lower memory PC would error.

Screenshot of the new SketchPad Control
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I cant seem to do anything with the SketchPad at all nor can i find any info on it *confused*
Use this project as an example: SketchPad.EZB

I hadn't written the help for the sketchpad yet - i'll do that soon
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Ahh thanks DJ now I get it!
Great! The full screen mode will be perfect for an wide range of uses!
Have not tried the sketch yet.. But I'm sure we're gonna find lots of uses to that.
DJ, you are the man!
Anyone experiencing random crash 10 minutes into theirs project testing?
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Worked fine for me last night for about an hour.
its fine for me too. Hmmmm... Im not sure whats causing your problems.
Anyone having sendserial issues with the new ARC versions?

I went to load up my Hasbro R2 today and I'm getting nothing for my
audio. It was working flawlessly before.

I understand there was some syntax changes with the last few releases,
but I'm trying to send a basic command.

sendserial(D0, 9600, 0x01)

I'll be tearing it apart to check everything, but seems weird to just not
work at all now.
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I had I2C issues with the syntax change and my LCD commands needed to be in brackets but they were ascii (TT, CL etc) and the script told me it was wrong.

I haven't tried it connected up but the tellymate examples still run OK, I'll connect it up and check it out when I get chance but that wont be until tomorrow night at the earliest.

Does it report a script error? Or does it just not do anything?

No script error. The audio board blinks like it's receiving but no output.

I'm double checking all connections (Volume, speaker ect) but Like I
said it was working great before.

Something has changed. Two of the same MP3 modules both not working.


Big R2 - Sparkfun MP3Trigger works fine
OmniBot (MrT) - MDFly MP3 Module does not work
Hasbro R2 - MDFLY MP3 Module does not work
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It may be a stupid question but is the volume turned up? Code 0xE9

Also, I noticed the baud for the MDFly is 4800 not 9600

And a last check, try sending 0xEC to resume, if for some reason it has been set to hold.

Just ideas from looking at the datasheet, hopefully one of them works.

Edit: I just noticed there are a couple of MDFly boards, the baud and codes may be different depending on which one you have.

My boards are an older version.

Always used 9600 baud, I send a multi-script command to max the volume (0xE9).

Datasheet for my specific model says "9600, 8, N, 1"

I have six of the exact same board.
Something is wrong. Something has changed.

I was able to get audio by switching to 4800 baud.

I changed over my other scripts to 4800 but they
do not work. Commands to Stop, or to start other
tracks do not work. Just replays 1 track.

Checked my audio on the SD card and all is OK.

I have 4 other EZ projects for the same audio module all
at 9600 baud and previously working fine at 9600.
Whew, I thought I was losing my mind.

Awesome to hear it was a glitch.

I still owe you a few beers! :D
All is back to normal! Audio is working again!

Thanks DJ for the great customer support!
friends.. how do I use the Full Screen command ?...
ControlCommand.. and ?!...
Use the Cheat Sheet tab when editing script to see all available ControlCommands that are relevant to your project.
Thanks DJ.. I'll try to figure out how to...