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Due to the evacuation and flooding of our city, I've had some free time to code...


- New HBridge PWM Movement Panel. Combines your HBridge and PWM settings into one.

- Joystick control now supports speeds and smooth turning, etc. Currently the HBridge PWM control is the only supported for speeds. Soon the modified servo, Roomba and AutoPosition will be done.

- EZ-Bit Sync utility now displays download progress.

- New EZ-Script command SetSpeed() supports Left and Right wheel speeds

- New EZ-Script command SetSpeedLeft()

- New EZ-Script command SetSpeedRight()

- New EZ-Script command GetSpeedRight()

- New EZ-Script command GetSpeedLeft()

- Debug popup smoother

- Project Open dialog includes screenshot, information link and user defined image

Here is a video demonstrating the smooth turns and control using an analog joystick and HBridge PWM on the rover...

Yeah, manufacturing is entirely separate business at the end of the day. I know from personal experience not to spread yourself too thin.

I have uploaded a few. Mostly the stl's you gave us. I just turned them into ez bits so I could have the individual pieces to experiment with. I did however make a pretty accurate placeholder for the disc attachment that came with the servos in my ez complete. Ez bits inspired me to finally sit down and learn how do at least something in 3d software. I had an issue with the sketchup to stl plug in so I had to figure out 123d design;)

Thanks again for your special touch DJ. I look forward to bugging you for most of the rest of our lives.
Hello DJ Sure, one thing I'd like to have in EZ-Builder is to add more option for windows like the Compass, I had purchased two GY-26 and made them work with script but the adress and read data do not look to be the same as your application so it's not working in the Compass windows. The GY-26 seems to work very well and do not need to be so near of the EZ-board, mine are at 5'' for now. I have attach a picture of my test set-up. And, if you can write in the window compass the variables we can use it can be a great addition.

Also, In EZ-Script setting, you can't use the key CTRL-C, CTRL-V from the right panel to the left one, Windows do not like it and prompt an errors.

User-inserted image
Hey Andre, thanks for the comments. We do not natively support that compass module. The compass module we natively support is the Sure Dual Axis - the information can be found by pressing the ? button on the Compass Control in EZ-builder.

You can add a custom script to support that compass, but you will need some help from an experienced member of the community - if you're not familiar with scripting.:)
Hello DJ Sures, the GY-26 are working fine, i made the script for it... I'm newbee but scripting is easy in EZ so it was not so hard. It was just a suggestion for an improvement to the Compass panel because I like it but i do not like the Sure Dual Axis. Look at the picture in my previous post, the assembly is very cheap and it's functionning without trouble.

Thank you so much for your hard work !
OMG speed control....awsome nice addition. Sounds like you will have quite the crew there after July 1st. As a note the new servo magazine spotlights Mark his robots and the Robot Combat League.