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Software Information
You may now control your EZ-Robot from your Android Mobile Device! This includes both EZ-B v3 and EZ-B v4 Robots! The Android App can be installed on your Android Phone, Android Tablet, or Android Game Device. The EZ-Builder Mobile for Android Application will load EZ-Builder files that you created and save to the EZ-Cloud.

This is the beta release of the EZ-Builder Android Mobile App. There are a few known bugs, specifically with the EZ-B v3. As usual, we will continue updating the app and making it more awesome and reliable.

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Installation Instructions

- From your Android Device, select the download link:

- Once downloaded, select Open from your notification menu

- You will be prompted to active Unknown Sources from the Settings menu. This is because you are downloading the file from our website and not Google Play or Amazon, etc...

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I had a similar issue with the Mobile app and my RoboSapien. I had to change the movement scripts from forward() to RoboSapien("Move Forward") [or what ever the command is.] You may want to try that.... Never mind I just looked and there doesn't appear to be any kinda of roomba movement script commands. So it looks like you'll probably have to wait for EZ-Robot co. to update the Mobile App to support it.

I was going to mention estrongs but I wasn't sure if you could get it. I haven't touched a Fire since we bought one for a niece the christmas they came out so I couldn't remember how limited its access to the Play Store (Market back then) was. Estrongs is a great app and it just gets better all of the time. It's been on every Android device I've owned since the OG, Droid 1 came out. I just didn't want to send you on a wild goose chase.
If you're Movement Panel doesn't work, I would recommend building a custom interface anyway. You can click on the ? button in the Mobile Interface Builder control to view a tutorial video.

There really isn't a point to using the desktop view - specifically since you can create custom mobile interfaces.:)
I install the app on my smartphone whit android 4.1.1, I activate the Bluetooth and paired whit my ez-robot. But when I try to connect to the robot from the app, the app says "Please Wait...." but never doses anything more. Any help? Thx!
im also having this issues with 2014-02-08.
Regarding IOS and bluetooth, I had an issue with a bluetooth 3rd party api compatibility that I worked around with CoreBluetooth. One can directly read and decode the packets. This might be a preferred methodology being how inconsiderate Apple is with backward comparability. Otherwise the majority of IOS updates will likely break your app.