Release 2018.11.18.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- new EZ-Script commands (TotalHours, TotalMinutes, TotalSeconds). Check the EZ-Script examples folder for example of use

- Fix with wiimote to allow more than 1 wiimote connected

- Auto Position has a new button to Get and Set servo positions to current selected frame. This is used if servo positions are being modified by another control (i.e. wiimote) and the positions can be retrieved and assigned to the current frame

- new Auto Position controlcommand: DeleteActionAndAssociatedFrames
This deletes an action and all associated frames. If a frame is being shared with another action, that frame is not removed

- new Auto Position controlcommand: AddFrameToAction
This gets all of the current servo positions for the defined Auto Position and creates a frame from those positions and adds it to the specified action. Every time this command is called, a new frame is created and added to the action. The action does not need to already exist, it will be created automatically. Each frame that is added is given a unique name so they can be easily edited in the Auto Position control. This allows you to create Auto Position animations based on servo movements from other controls. You can assign a button on a remote control that will call this Auto Position ControlCommand and add a frame to the action on demand.

- Auto Position ControlCommand AddFrameToAction also accepts optional parameters for Delay, Steps and servo Speed. If they're not provided, the default values of 25, 3, -1 are used

- Auto Position has new ControlCommand to AddPauseToAction which will add a pause to the specified action for the specified millisecond delay

- servo selection for all behavior controls that use servos has a new button to Save and Load servo configuration. If you have multiservo tracking setup in a joystick, for example, you can now save the configuration and load it into a camera or other control with servos. This allows complicated multi-servo configurations to be easily copied to other behavior control configurations

- update json to latest

- fixed the joystick options for button 0 dialog which was hidden when rendered to the screen

- custom phrases can be added to bing speech recognition which operates similar to the regular speech recognition configuration. A script can also run if no phrase is detected.

Thanks for the update!
Just watched your tutorial on the new AutoPosition creation script functions. Very very cool addition!

Now we are getting somewhere!


update json to latest

Thanks DJ ... for breaking the rule. Is working without workarounds.

Nice demo!
Thank you for the update and tutorial DJ. The new AutoPosition control is even more awesomeness!
Thanks DJ. I agree with everyone this is a substantial upgrade, I will have to get myself a couple of wiimotes. DJ. can you tell me what kind of Wiimote you are using in the tutorial? I am going to configure my VR headset today. thanks again.
Could this be used somehow with DC motors with pots attached to the shaft for feedback?
Does this include MYO gesture armband?
It doesn't matter what you use to move the servos. The Auto Position saves the servo positions to a new frame and appends to the specified action, as described in the written change log. You can move servos anyway you wish, as described in the written change log. If you move the servos by MYO, then cool. If you move the servos by the Camera tracking, cool. If you move the servos by a wiimote, cool. It doesn't matter how you move the servos, the Auto Position simply saves the positions.