Release 2013.01.10.00

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Progress sometimes means change... This release has many additional features, but a few things have changed also.:)


- EZ-Script Variables can return boolean response during assignment (i.e. $x = (3 > 2))

- HTTP Server's Script Interface encodes script console command

- Windows 8 bug fix when stopping HTTP Server or TCP Server

- EZ-Script compiler and executor is much faster

- Variables can be increments and decremented with ++ and -- (i.e. $x++ or $x--)

- Auto Format EZ-Script feature (ALT-F). Will automatically indent code within IF, ELSEIF, ELSE and ENDIF condition

- Joystick supports 3 analog joysticks

- New EZ-Script command: PlayAudio() and StopAudio() will play files from your local drive, rather than embedding within SoundBoard EZB File

- IF/ELSEIF/ELSE/ENDIF stack bug fix. There was a state stack issue in the compiler when creating the condition tree. It's been fixed, and now all IF statement condition trees need to be terminated with an ENDIF. See examples below.

- Multi EZ-B references have changed. No longer do you specify the board # at the beginning of the line. It was limiting and ugly - so it's been changed to be an optional parameter of the port. Example: Servo(2.d2, 20) will move servo D2 to position 20 on EZ-B #2

- HTTPGet now also receives data to a string - rather than simply performing a request (See Example -> Functions)

- New EZ-Script Command: IsConnected()

- Firmware Updater has a fix for some computers that have been returning strange results

- New EZ-Script Command: ToString() is used for sanitizing a variable to a string from an i2c read, for example.

- Many new EZ-Script examples of functions

The IF conditioning has been changed, here are the examples..


IF (true)


IF (true)


IF (true)
ELSEIF (false)
Nicccceeeeee! Thanks DJ.

Also I noticed that since a December update I'm no longer having to attempt several times to initially connect.

Happy New Years
Downloading immediately!
Very nice... I download this update after work ! Thanks :)
every day i have to come here and update,don't you ever sleep? keep it up love every update

I'm now getting an error on Command Control call: CC("Script manager", ScriptStartWait, "Shake Head")

Syntax error, unknown command.

Worked before. What changed?
@cyberdude, oops let me update the release today.
Ah, community QA. What could be better ; )
It cant get any better cyberdude when we get a release on my birthday.:) Thanks DJ! almost better then a black forest cake with toooooo many candles to reveal! Prior to the addition of PlayAudio() I was using an Exec command...but once again its become EZ ...ER!:)
i made a robot but it doesnt go that fast so how would i get better one and in the robot i only have 10m range how would i solve that
@dj, did you post a new build? Most of my scripts rely on command control. Thanks.

@dj, Never mind. Saw the flashing upgrade box when I reloaded the editor. All is right in the universe again. So long, and thanks for all the fish!...until next time;)