Control More Than One Robot

Movement Panel

We're now going to add a Movement Panel which will control all of the robots at the same time. The Movement Panel that we will use is a Custom Movement Panel, which allows custom EZ-Script to be added. Each Auto Position will be instructed to execute movement actions using the ControlCommand().

*For more information about ControlCommand(), view this tutorial here:

*For more information about Movement Panels, view this tutorial here:

Actually, you really should have already read the Activity Guide here:

Step 1
Add Control->Scripting->Custom Movement Panel
User-inserted image

Step 2
We will now press configure on the movement panel. The window that opens is the configuration, which allows you to edit code that will be executed for each movement direction.
User-inserted image

Step 3
Let's start by demonstrating how to add STOP commands for each Auto Position. Press the EDIT button on the STOP command.
User-inserted image

Step 4
Depending on what your default editor is configured, either Blockly or EZ-Script editor will be displayed. Press the EZ-Script tab, because we will be editing EZ-Script for this example.
User-inserted image

Step 5
Right-click in the editor window and locate the first Auto Position, and select the STOP option.
User-inserted image

Step 6
Now repeat the same process for each of the Auto Position Controls, so your code will look like this...
User-inserted image

Step 7
Save the script
User-inserted image

You guessed right, this process must be repeated for each movement (forward, left, right, reverse, stop).


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