Control More Than One Robot

Connecting EZ-Builder

EZ-Builder will now need to know the IP Address of each EZ-B of the robots connected to the WiFi network. Ensure your laptop is connected to the WiFi network as well.

Step 1 Load EZ-Builder. Locate the Client Scan Tool icon in the Connection Control. Press the icon for the first EZ-B index. User-inserted image

Step 2 Each EZ-B will be displayed as the broadcasts are received. The EZ-B's will broadcast their system name, which was entered for each robot in the previous step of this tutorial. This helps you identify all of the robots. User-inserted image

Repeat For Each Robot Repeat this process for each robot. We will add the SIX robots to index 0 and 1, and JD robots to index 2 and 3. When complete, each index of your connection control for 0, 1, 2 & 3 will have unique IP addresses. User-inserted image


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