Jd's Friday The 13th

DJ Sures



Upgrade to ARC Pro

Your robot can be more than a simple automated machine with the power of ARC Pro!


That is awesome! So wher did you find the knife? :D


It's called "big hugs and bunnies knife" from thingiverse. It took a bunch of resizing to get it right. It would have been easier to make one from scratch lol


I love it. Thanks. Well done. This made me smile. :)


Now that's a robot!

Don't forget to have JD do something a bit more gentle on the other days.

Love the use of the HT16K33 Animator (8x8) control.


That isn't the ht16k33. It's the new ezrobot rgb 8x8 which is 64 rgb LEDs


Well, that's a "must have". Are they for sale yet?

I thought I saw both red an blue in the video, but thought it was over exposed LEDs. Looks good!


A year in the making for a bunch of ezbits that we hoped wouldn't have taken AS long as we expected - are finally around the corner. Over the next few months we will be releasing new bits staggered every few weeks...

Neo pixel controller All new 4 in 1 sensor with more accurate/stable compass inveted pendulum (finally) New ultrasonic distance sensor that only uses one digital port and is faster IoTiny (mini ezb v4) Line follower ezbit (not excited about this one, I think it's silly because the camera can do it, might pull it) USB adapter for ezb

There's some more but off the top of my head I forget... It's been a real busy winter. My lab is full of prototypes and the good news is they all work:) and have ARC controls for them, if anyone has been noticing them being snuck into releases.


Now you Die! Hahaha nice.