I miss seeing your content on here! Your inMoov videos and pictures were so unique and funny. I loved that you were pushing the envelope in giving your inMoov, T-one, a personality and character. It's very unique. I really appreciated the creativity and effort.

I can only speak for myself but I'm sure there are both regular community members and those who don't comment much who would love to see your contributions back up! 

Community members, I hope you can back me up on this!:D
I second what Jeremie has said.
T-one has always been more than just another inMoov.
Your work is amazing!
OOoooee i hate this,not bin able to help.3dguy i hope you find a way out.
Yeah, it is a shame. I really enjoyed the video's as well as the build overall. It was one of the few inmoov's that are not a cookie cutter copy and I considered it state of the art for inmoov. 
Not sure why you took it down and thus the reason I asked.

Personally I had a similar incident with my robopup thread. Formatting was screwed up, I tried to fix it unsuccessfully, then the thread was deleted at my request. I no longer post builds here because since the switchover from the EZRobot website this new format is just terrible. Sorry guys, but it is. From the social network comment section style to the jarring colors. The big picture tiles as opposed to the great functional layout it used to have. There is not even an opportunity to post a comment with information for the board. It has to be a build or a question. 

I love the EZR software/hardware/community. Having said that I am now a lurker as the new format has chased me away from posting my builds. I just cant control the content on those threads and do not wish to battle against that.