Ips (indoor Positioning System)

DJ Sures

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For quite a few years, i've been mentioning that I have been working on a positioning system for ez-robots. I guess it's time that i share my tribulation with you, because the trails were far too many :). Should be ready to throw in the manufacturing facility for this summer's scheduled releases

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Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! I'll get it just because of this feature!:D
@DJ LOL:) I knew you were going to say something like this. I saw it coming... That's one of the funniest things you have said... The DIY'ers are just never happy no matter what you give them...
Dj, Thanks for the Gold... as always !


I added a new feature inspired by the comments, called g.e.n.i.e. Simply rub the ips and a genie appears, granting you a zillion wishes Smile

I did warn you that an early tease would open you up to this kind of thing;)

It has inspired some interesting discussions even if they are outside the scope of what you envision for this product.

I'd still like to know if the beacon has to be on a robot with a Movement Panel or can it just be connected to an EZB and place on something that moves. Like a JD, human or a wheelchair.
Well @bhouston, as long as the JD, human, or Wheelchair has a Movement Panel you'll be fine! ...weeelllll.....the human might be a bit tricky to interface to a movement panel...lol.

I definitely love the brainstorming that's going on and the ideas you guys are throwing out there but the way the IPS currently operates does need a movement panel.
@Jeremie... Personally I am holding out for the J.E.N.I.E plugin that @DJ was most certainty alluding to...:P
Thanks for that answer Jeremie, that was a question that a few people had.
@Richard R oh me too, me too. We all know @DJ is a magic man, I want to see him make some Robin Williams style genies pop out of my computer:D

@bhouston no prob;) but sometimes I feel bad posting some answers on here as the brainstorming and speculation seems to come to an end. I ruin all the fun lol.
Ok all joking aside... We really need to get our hands on the IPS first to see what it can do for ourselves before asking for additions or changes.... Here's the thing that possibly some people forget about ARC. The control offers a certain amount of functionality built in so we don't need to write much code if any to use it... However scripting offers way more flexibility beyond the control itself... If the IPS is like every other control in ARC we will have the flexibility to script what we want. This would be some degree over and beyond the core function of the control... Brush up on your scripting skills because I think the IPS will deliver...
I like D.J. :Dsolution... well I habe the cash ready to preorder the ips...
how do we enter the pre-order?
it will make a nice christmass 2017 present to me from me
The IPS looks amazing and I will be happy when it is ready to ship!
Will be great to guide a bot to a re-charge station, or for my house there is a small step which divides the living room which it could not go over, but with a small ramp for that step the IPS would guide it straight over that ramp...lovely. : )
@antguru... No pre-order anymore for ez robot products.... It's only when it comes out in the store will you be able to purchase it...

Any preference for the tripods to be used with the IPS System? Is there any particular suggested height for the tripod in order for the IPS Sytem to work properly. I was thinking a regular camera tripod would work and I think the height is somewhat adjustable on some of them. Any thoughts on this are much appreciated....Rick
Tri-pods are great, when collapsed and sitting at their lowest height, they don't take up much room.

Mini tri-pods are great also, they would work great for an IPS station.

How big will the IPS be? Maybe those tiny handy cam tripods would work well? : )
User-inserted image
I think the higher up the better.
I would go with a larger tripod or mount it near the ceiling in the corner of a room.
It needs a good view of the floor.
Might be able to make a robot that can pick up objects from the floor and place them where they are needed.
Yep i was thinking either ceiling or wall mount also.

Do you have any idea of what the dimensions may be?

Was just re-reading the first page, as Dj points out, high wall mount, top corner of the room so it has the best view, or tri-pod for portability. : )
So....a ..... what's the status on this product?
This is a small step for DJ. A giant leap for EZ-Robot.