Ips (indoor Positioning System)

DJ Sures

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For quite a few years, i've been mentioning that I have been working on a positioning system for ez-robots. I guess it's time that i share my tribulation with you, because the trails were far too many :). Should be ready to throw in the manufacturing facility for this summer's scheduled releases

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Any preference for the tripods to be used with the IPS System? Is there any particular suggested height for the tripod in order for the IPS Sytem to work properly. I was thinking a regular camera tripod would work and I think the height is somewhat adjustable on some of them. Any thoughts on this are much appreciated....Rick
Tri-pods are great, when collapsed and sitting at their lowest height, they don't take up much room.

Mini tri-pods are great also, they would work great for an IPS station.

How big will the IPS be? Maybe those tiny handy cam tripods would work well? : )
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I think the higher up the better.
I would go with a larger tripod or mount it near the ceiling in the corner of a room.
It needs a good view of the floor.
Might be able to make a robot that can pick up objects from the floor and place them where they are needed.
Yep i was thinking either ceiling or wall mount also.

Do you have any idea of what the dimensions may be?

Was just re-reading the first page, as Dj points out, high wall mount, top corner of the room so it has the best view, or tri-pod for portability. : )
So....a ..... what's the status on this product?
This is a small step for DJ. A giant leap for EZ-Robot.