Omnibot TV Watching

DJ Sures

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The latest version of the EZ-SDK and ARC contains an enhanced motion tracking update. The quality and edge detection algorythm has been modified and seems to work great!!

Check out this video of my omnibot watching a cartoon:)

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to go along with the omnibot tv watching, i took him for a drive today.

we drove 2 hours north to visit a friend. he really enjoyed himself:)


Good work, I would like to see more realistic videos like this. Makes it seem like he thinks on it's own like a human


Thanks dude:)

I get a kick out of watching these guys do their own thing.. AFter a while you imagine their personality


Omnibot must have been having a great time out sight seeing! I noticed it wasn't paying much attention to you! Lol cool videos DJ !


Edge detection , so it could be used for mapping?