You Never Know What Happens When You Leave The Room




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Be afraid, very afraid. Especially when the legs are done...........
this is sweet... is it one robot controlling the other via the speech recognition panel?:D
@Bob... Dude, you have to stop posting these awesome videos of your work... The rest of us can't possibly measure up... LOL!:)
Love it! Very awesome! You made them really seem alive. The imov android moves so smoothly!
This is AWESOME! Loving this video.
@Bob, dido what Richard R said, lol. :) Inmoov is getting smarter too. Awesome video.
Thank you all for your kind words !
I really like this bot. I think the video is awesome. More please....:P

Keep up the good work!
Wonderfull !
Ah ha ha very awesome! The early times of Android West world begins! If I had your bot I would just add the black cowboy hat and make it say "Draw" holding a plastic gun ,everytime some one enters room,that is awesome !
very nice keep doing good work its an inspiration
the work of everyone here helps me im new here and trying to find good first project
I always liked this video - glad you found it and revived the thread. What are you thinking of making for your first project?
Welcome Jiim! Please share your project with us as you build it.
i would like to make a fully atonomous drone that charges off the em field around existing ac power lines on telephone poles
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That's a interesting idea. Can you get strong enough EM fields from the ground to do this? Depending on the voltage, weather and other conditions EM fields start dissipating just a few feet from the power lines.
I think I saw on YouTube where a guy used a very tall copper pole that collected enough voltage from the natural sky, to recharge his cell phone battery. The higher the pole the more power can be collected.
the drone could fly witrhin a couple feet of the field it could fly from new york to california on the grid without having to recharge
maybe it could be modified to power robotics from the power wiring around it in the walls and floors and ceiling eliminating the need for them to recharge