You Never Know What Happens When You Leave The Room


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I left my phone on video record and captured this. Hmmm

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Be afraid, very afraid. Especially when the legs are done...........
this is sweet... is it one robot controlling the other via the speech recognition panel?:D
@Bob... Dude, you have to stop posting these awesome videos of your work... The rest of us can't possibly measure up... LOL!:)
Love it! Very awesome! You made them really seem alive. The imov android moves so smoothly!
This is AWESOME! Loving this video.
@Bob, dido what Richard R said, lol. :) Inmoov is getting smarter too. Awesome video.
Thank you all for your kind words !
I really like this bot. I think the video is awesome. More please....:P

Keep up the good work!
Wonderfull !
Very funny loved the footage.

Amazing robot.
Ah ha ha very awesome! The early times of Android West world begins! If I had your bot I would just add the black cowboy hat and make it say "Draw" holding a plastic gun ,everytime some one enters room,that is awesome !