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Finally finished making Ogie the talking bear with the EZ Robot kit! I have a video posted above of him in action. I go around to art conventions to sell my art, and I use him as a draw to my table. Everyone absolutely adores him!

If anyone is interested in this project, I took a part an old T. T Bear (Basically a Teddy Ruxpin Knock off) , and a TV Teddy, and put them together with the EZ Robot kit. His face is from the TV Teddy, and his body is from the T.T bear.
I used 1 HD servo for his eyes, 1 HD servo for his mouth, and 1 HD servo for his head.
He uses speech recognition, and talk servo to talk to people
He uses sound servo to lip sync to music and people
He uses the personallity generator to randomly move his head and blink
He uses the camera to detect objects, colors, and faces
Just as fun camera detection examples: When Ogie looks at me, he will say "Hello Kaley."
Also, when a customer holds one of my paintings in front of him, he will tell them what it is, and the price of it.

Just a fun project idea for the EZ robot kit!

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@Kab_Art that's a great video! Thanks for sharing! Did you document the build? It would be neat to see how you added the servos
United Kingdom
Excellent job! Too bad no one makes a voice with more inflection and pep in it. More like an Anime voice. The closest I found was "Robin" from Cepstral. Still too monotone though. One day I'll look into Vocaloid. It seems you can put more inflection into the voices. Even with that you may have to "can" the phrases and send them out via the Sound Board Control.
I used to use vocaloid quite a bit back in my music days. It's pretty complicated - but you're right in that with effort, you can output wav/mp3 voice samples with a lot of emotion.
@DJ Sures Thanks! Yeah I did document some of it. Most of it was done in my room. The lighting wasn't that great, but I'll can still post it.:)
Thanks guys!:) @WBS00001 Yeah I'm looking to find a new voice too. I'm fine with the one he has for now.
awesome sound like the real thing.this is what many are looking for.
a good conversation with there robot.