Camera Robot Mk2


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After my first panobot, I realised it wasn't travel friendly, so built a new one. Three weeks for this one! It can now also handle 2.5kg of DSLR/lens without struggling.
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And to make it travel friendly, it folds up into a box, that fits into my camera backpack!
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Here is the app interface - same as before, just refined the scripts a bit.

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Leaving for 5 weeks in Europe on Saturday, so finished this just in time!

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Great work! That's a handy application and a cool folding design, thanks for sharing:)
This is amazing! You've almost productized the idea - i bet you could sell these things! Thank you for sharing the first photo, i look forward to seeing more.
Hey, thanks for the kind words DJ!

The next step is to make it smaller with super slim steppers for extra resolution. I thought it would be cool to add a timelapse function to it too. Maybe even add an attachable dolly rail option..

I didn't know we can sell things powered by your ezrobot hardware! Is that okay? :o

It has been such a streamlined process, making this! With my limited tech skills and experience, it never would had been possible with my old picaxe and arduino boards! Thanks for making it so intuitive and efficient with both the hardware AND software you have provided us all with!:D
You bet it's okay:D We have purchase agreements and such for this with volume pricing over time, etc... There's a few others who have done it in the past and others who are still doing it now
Very cool! I have a new mission when I get back then! Will have to look into this!

I will be sure to add lots of images from my trip from the panobot:D

Thanks DJ!