Another Wall-e. But French ;)


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I am happy to present you my finished EZ-Robot' Wall-E.
It is based on on DJ's real Wall-E, plus ideas from this great community, plus some ideas on my own...

Some pictures:

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Wall-E is powered by a LIPO battery (2S, 3000 mAh) fixed between the wheels.

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I have put the continuous servos vertically to free some space inside Wall-E's body.
I have also put a fan for heat removal / I have made some holes on Wall-E's shoulders for air to enter. I am not sure the fan is necessary, but I wanted to test the principle...)
I use the original wall-E speaker, which is connecter to the MP3 trigger

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The neck rotation servo is mounted to a pexiglass plate, using the existing mounting holes (It is base on Cyberdude's great idea that you can see here :

User-inserted image

The head is fixed by a mini-servo in one eye, to a small plexiglass plate inserted at the top of wall-E's neck

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The other eye is fixed to the one attached to the servo by two pieces of plastic (one on the top, on on the back).. the whole assembly has been painted to look more natural.
A power switch is placed on his back.

User-inserted image

A really boring picture, trying to show a small hole giving access to the SD card of the MP3 Trigger. I wanted to be able to add some sounds without having to open Wall-E.

User-inserted image

Finally the finished guy... It has the camera (wired to the EZB) inside one eye, a blue LED in the other eye, another LED (on the torso) whose color change with the power of the battery and the PING sensor...

That's all... Now I have to work on his personnality :)

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And small video, showing that Wall-E is alive...

Very cool Fredebec! Well lets hear Wall-E with some French Language!:)
@ fredebec Good job! has lots of character with those movements of the head and I love the battery Turnigy NanoTech, the load can quietly 5 amp, in half an hour or less, fast loads are the forte of those batteries and 3000 milliamps has to give you a good autonomy and with only 150 grams, good choice.

Content de tomber sur un français.
Je n'y connais pas trop en "mecanique", mais je suis assez spécialisé en intelligence artificielle sous forme de tchat bot aiml (comme pandorabot) et rivscript.
J'ai dans le projet de développer un "corps" pour mon ia. Mes questions vont donc dans ce sens.
As tu déjà essayer le module pandorabot avec ton wall E ?
J ai vue que l'on peut envoyer des commandes au servo moteurs avec un code aiml entre crochet, mais qu'en est-il de la réponse des capteurs ? Sont-ils capables d'envoyer une réponse sous forme textuel (code de chiffre, de lettre etc...) à l'interface pandorabot, ou n'importe quel interface basé sur un navigateur internet ?
Merci de tes réponses
Thank you all for the nice comments.

@irobot58, I am afraid that Wall-E's french is not good enough. By the way, except "walleee" and "evee", he is not really good in english neither...

@R2D2, The Lipo is really interresting for this small bot. My previous 9V Nimh allowed only 30minutes of autonomy. However, I find that it is a battery difficult to deal with. It must not drop too low in voltage and I have already forgot to switch off the bot on entire day and the battery was dead when i came back.
Using the battery without an automatic switch-off or self-charging is really risky for an autonomous robot.


Je n'ai pas encore testé pandoratbot avec ARC, j'améliore la reconnaissance vocale pour l'instant. Cependant, je n'y connais pas grand chose en AI et j'ai peur de ne pas t'être d'une grande aide.
Il vaut mieux poser la question "in english" à d'autres membres plus compétents du forum.
En tout cas, bienvenue sur le forum.

ça me tente bien comme petit bricolage ^^

ça fait un moment que je consulte le site, je vais sûrement me lancer.

Tu l'as trouvé où le wall-e ?
sur ebay us ou tu as trouvé en France ?