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hi there,

here is one of my robot projects: "The EZ-Robot Arm" tell him what to do and he does it. :D

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Movement is so smooth...



That arm is better than Steve Austin's bionic arm! Very cool. I like how clean and sleek it looks.


Very nice arm. I am working on building a underatriculated 3 fingered hand for my robot Tin Man.

I am very impressed with yours. Did you create all the parts or did they come as a kit?


That is sweet! Very nice movement (love the interaction with Elvis!)


Smarty - I’m a fan of your projects. This is no exception. Really great work!


How did you get the servos to run so smooth....this is incredible!:D:D:D Gute Arbeit Smarty! ;)


Impressive ! You're a real genious !



I ordered both the right and left hands on eBay this morning for $90 USD. Did you find the servos that came with the kit sufficient or would you upgrade them? I honestly believe this is the best kit on the market (other than 3D printed). I can't wait to get mine. It would be funny to see them on my Omnibot 2000.

Speaking of 3D printing, the parts would be easy to trace and model in Fusion 360 to reproduce with a printer. The linkage is easily available at any R/C hobby store.

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@all thanks a lot! :-)

@bumsteadsean I upgraded all servos because they work with 5,5V, 6.1V are to much for the Original-Servos and they are not so strong but the rest of parts are good to use. I modified the fingers for the perfect smooth operation.

have fun with your Omnibot 2000 :-)


@bumsteadsean. can you post the eBay link please?


@BumsteadSean your servos look to be all self contained in the hand Cool, wish I saw that. Please post when you receive.

This is the one I ordered a while ago. Servos are probably throw away and replace with EZB HDD or Dynamixel. If it ever turns up I will post. This is not the same seller. I ordered mine from china for a little cheaper but the hands I ordered appear to be the same. I liked the aluminum design and 6 seperate servos per hand.

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I ordered them from the following seller. It looks like he raised his price up $60 for both the right and left hand. That is still a good deal when you consider a 6 DOF arm with servos is that much.

I am seriously going to reproduce these with ABS on my 3D printer. Physically tracing each piece, scanning them into Illustrator and then extruding each piece in Sketchup, Tinkercad or Fusion would be very easy. I might even scale them to make large Hulk-size hands. I have printed a pair of Inmoov hands in ABS, but they are very fragile. The joints break easy. I am constantly Supergluing them.

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