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What Happened To Cochrane Robotics?

I was browsing skills and saw EZ-AI, developed by Cochrane Robotics. All links to the related sites are dead, and a Duck-Duck-Go search said the company was deactivated some years back. Any news on what happened to David?

Myo Gesture Armband Discontinued

After reading about DJ using these, it piqued my curiousity so I went looking to see how much they cost, and where to buy. Evidently they ceased production/sales last month. They dont seem to be showing up on eBay (yet); considering they are a niche product I doubt well see many come up. I found a similar product: gForce Gesture Armband...

Were Being Spammed

@DJ Sures, @Jeramie I hope one of you guys checks in soon. Theres a rampant spammer loose on the board

Heads-Up Competition For Our Beloved Ez-Robot

Being the collector of robots that I am, Im on more than a few mailing lists. I just got an email from the co-founder of Sphero announcing a robot for everyone platform: Misty Granted, shes not a cheap date! But the sales pitch says things like easy to program, share your ideas and other things that weve enjoyed since...

Laptop Recommendation?

Id like to put all my robotics on a dedicated laptop. I dont think I need a cutting-edge machine, but I feel I need something with a good processor to handle multitasking. Id prefer something with a 10 -13 screen (my other machines are 17 monsters), Windows 10 upgradable (if it doesnt come installed), a nice large hard drive and something I can...

How Much Weight Can Six Carry?

Hi, all! Ive been toying with a retro-design robot. I know hell be EZ-Robot based with a dome head and either a cylindrical or square body that will have a retractable arm either in his torso or attached on the side. His propulsion is where Im undecided. At first, I thought a Wall-E type treads. Then I saw an omni-directional chassis that is...
In The Rafters?

In The Rafters?

Ok. The entire office is in an elevator shaft, right? eek

Robot Heavy Metal

Literally! MAN!

Book And/Or Website Recommendations?

Hi all! Ive been lurking here for awhile; Ive got two EZ-B 4s on order, and Im gearing up to implement them on my own B9 robot project (kudos to Dave S. who is currently setting the standard on the B9 Builders Club board!). As I sit here planning, I realize I have some significant gaps in my knowledge - partly because its been a long time since Ive...
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