Android Robot


Zoom face

Head materials
2 x wifi camera (eyes) .....more degrees.
2 x eyebrows status
1 x access point.......connect with 2 x camera
2 x mic (ears).....for conference.
1 x sensor gas (nose)......if alarm mouth take red color.In the future with buzzer alarm.
1 x vumeter led (mouth)...IF Robot speak then blue light flashes depending on the volume.
1 x servo-head left-right.

User-inserted image

Soon more...
Where did you get the form for the robot?
The robot is a mannequin .Amorphous.
The material is polyester and be careful in its use.
May create itching to dust when I worked in such a material.
My idea for the navigation map is the following below.
The robot is set in super market for instance or in a department store.
There, through a screen could choose 20 points or more has determined that thou go with one touch on the screen.
is it possible in the future?
Will he walk or drive?
Looking cool.
One of my next projects is making an android from a mannequin and part of an Elvis Alive robot.
Have the parts, working on getting it moving. I need to buy more EZ robot boards soon.
This is a autonomous robot.
I will use wheels for motion.
Remember the difficulty is in fitting materials.
Usually use silicone but is not the best solution.