First Attempt Building An Android App For The Irobot Dirt Dog

Robot Doc

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Upgraded the speakers to 8 ohm 2 watt 1 inch diameter units and hid everything inside the dust bin of the Dirt Dog. There is just a bit more room since there is no vacuum motor assembly in the dust bin.

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Hey Doc... Love your Roomba hacks.... Have you checked iRobot's web site? They are selling the new Create 2....
Ya, saw that Richard R, it's basically a 600 model. It's on backorder but I ordered one anyway. Can't take any longer than EZ Robot goodies, lol. :)
Ha, Ha... I ordered one too... Got hosed with the exchange rate... Man the Canadian $ sucks right now....:P
Nice work upgrading your project, looks clean.
I know the 600 has some nice features, modular, maybe extra sensors, and better docking to charging station. I had to promise no robotic use when my wife got the 600!
The Create 1 has the 4rth wheel which really helps with heavier payloads, maybe the extra wheel could somehow be added to the Create 2.
Steve S iRobot provides a STL file to 3D print a bottom part of the dust bin with mounting points for two support wheels to install on the Create (2). The same mods can be done using a 500 Roomba model since both the 500 and 600 are basically the same.
@Doc... just got an email from iRobot... Apparently my Create 2 just shipped....:)

oh and on a side note... I ended up buying a Fashforge creator pro, but the stl for the castor dust bin is too big for the build envelope of the Creator Pro... any ideas on how to print this?
No clue Richard R. I've got the Flashforge printer also. Think I'll try using old 500 model dust bins and see if I can mod them to work with the Create(2). I got a shipping notice also. Guess Santa dropped some off from the North.
@Doc.... Did you get your Create 2 yet... I got a shipping notice before Xmas and my credit card was charged, but no Create yet... My tracking # with Purolator comes up as something like "shipping doc created" and that's it... I talked to Purolator and they told me iRobot have not initiated the shipment yet... I of course messaged iRobot last week and they said they are looking into it, but haven't gotten back to me yet... In the mean time I have received a few emails from them stating your Create 2 is backordered.... It will ship right away when there is stock. Then it goes on to say... "Please rest assured your credit card will not be charged until your product ships"... Hmmm, well that ship has sailed since they charged my credit card back on the 19th of Dec...

So long story short... What's happening with your Create 2 purchase?
Hate to read that your Create-2 didn't arrive. Once my credit card was charged I received the Create-2 about 3 days later. It does come with a nice com cable also.
@Doc... Ha, ha... so I finally reached a real person at iRobot (albeit the phone centre seems to be in the Caribbean).... Anyway, turns out mine did ship but mysteriously got lost at the boarder *confused* So they issued another shipping order, but now they have no stock... they are backordered. Now I have to wait another few weeks until they get more in stock.... Oh well

Nice to hear about the com cable, though....