Super Omnibot



This one of my 10 robot projects.This is ready for ezb v4..It has all of the original features of omnibot 2000.New drive system with worm drive motors.Blue tooth am/fm sound system..Dvd media player and 4 inch lcd screen.Will be both rc and ezb controlled.. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image Still needs some additional wiring and paint..I will add more post and video...

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Well done @rb550f! pics are great but vids are better!:) can hardly wait for your video!


He's huge! Good work and brilliant idea to stack the two bodies together


Wow, omnibot had a serious growth spurt. Great Job!


Very cool. Thanks for showing it off :)


Hey I was wondering is you're gonna post more on this one. For example, how are you wiring in the RC, what parts did you decide on for power, controller, etc.


This is Indeed a SUPER-Omni! What are the specs on it?