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Yes I would also like more info on the epoxy. That is really a great way to do it, replace the crappy part with a stronger solution.
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My idea for elbow joint is a bolt threaded through the arm and epoxied so it cannot spin. Theres two washers and two nuts on inside and outside of the fore arm. Between the washers i will apply grease for smooth movement.
The epoxy i usually use is from walmart but most hobby suppliers sell it. has bulk options to get great deals on materials and epoxy.
Micro bubbles from 3m at a great deal

Epoxy for structure. clear finishes. Bonding. uv resistant ect

Cheapest resin is polyester resin. good for general use with fiberglass cloth to make cheap strong parts. You pay for what you get. Epoxy is stronger.
i used something close that epoxy before,but better is aluminium,very light weight stronger then epoxy
and parts easy to remove
as i get my frame design you can see how its done
I did simple things like sanding last night. I also glued in the shoulder pieces as well. i will pick up spray primer and start priming.pieces so i can see low areas and get the surface all uniform. I believe i am about to. Start a new thread tonight with the priming and let this thread be a reference for what has happened so far.
Watched the youtube-video - man, those rubber threads look good. do they handle the weight without running of the wheels? how did you manage to fix them on the plastic wheel? did you glue them or did you find a solution to make them interchangeable once plastics start to fade again ?
I just glued them on they can be.pulled off.if needed
i hate glue,some so very hard to remove,then to clean it and add glue again plus sometimes the item doesnt hold very well too,but i guess on wheels it might be the only way
Josh the ones you sent me. I stuck wire in them to hold them together and then sealed the gap with the left over tube you sent. Worked great.
That's super. IM making a set of red ones for a newbie in trade for a omnibot dome
Thanks Brett! It feels great to see this guy in one color for a change! I still will fill a few areas but it's getting there.
So was this like your last post on this thread?
I won't do anymore updates on this one because it's already so big. So future updates will be in the new thread =)
just think 7 more pages and it will be 200
What a great idea! Pretty darn awesome man!

BTW, I read that your'e in Chattanooga. Huntsville, Alabama here. Glad to know I'm not the only southern nerd on the board:)