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So, my first EzB project - a Frankensteinian (I think I made that word up!) mating of EzB, Meccano, Cable ties and.. A torch. Sometimes. While it's not strictly the first design, it's the one I'm happiest with - so far.

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My temporary workstation..

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From top to bottom..

9-led torch, mounted (Thanks, cable ties!) to the top of a makeshift camera holder, which is mounted above the front axle pivot point.

Next, standard servo connected to two steering linkages, which actuate the front axle, giving fine/coarse steering control.

The EZB! Mounted with little rubber gromits and standard meccano fixing bolts to four miniature arms, which allow me to mount the board easily to any meccano configuration.

Next are the two continuous servos, mounted with cable ties (They're just don't line up well to standard meccano spacing, so had to be bodged!). These are connected to four-arm horns, which are superglued to the inside hubs of standard meccano wheels.

Battery pack, which helpfully is just the right size to secure in to some more standard meccano.

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You can clearly see the steering linkage and how it marries up to the servo here.

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Let there be light!

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Yes I think this configuration is a new one. It looks like its specially designed to look for monsters under the bed lol.