Okio J5 Style Robot Project



This is OKIO J5 style robot made from an upright vaccum cleaner. The head i made from a dremel accessory toolkit and led eyes ,2 servos for eye covers. The neck is supported via 2 Rc oil filled shocks. He is 44 inches in height. Weight is 28 lbs. Has 9 inch Windows 10 tablet. The tracks are not functional. The robot has motorized wheels and 2 from casters. I also installed an HD usb camera between the eyes. Used 19 v lithium battery for drive motors and 7.4 v lithium for electronics. The arms have 2 shoulder servos and the hands are spring loaded fingers from a Robosapien robot.;) User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Hoover will be looking for you.:) nice and very creative build. how long did it take you?

On a side note, just about everyone on this forum has great shops.


I have worked on this robot for about six months.

United Kingdom

Very neat creative build, looks great.

Any videos of it in action?


Wooo! You really outdid yourself! Wowsers that's a cool robot


I see a evolution robotics sticker... Did you had an ER-1? :)


Yes I did have an ER-1 robot.


@rb550f, super clever design! Do I see "Ohio", is that the reason for the Red and Silver color scheme? Are you in Ohio too (I'm around Cincinnati)?

Did you gut all of the vacuum parts? What vacuum model was it? Do the tracks float above the ground I take it? It really looks awesome!


I live in central Arkansas. The name of robot is OKIO. Yes I gutted vac except for power switch. The tracks float above ground. I will post more detail pictures when I return from Bend,Oregon vacation. The neck was created by turning the upper handle 180 degrees.The cannister can be removed with EZB mounted in place. I used a cordless drill battery that slides in the back . The tablet is detachable. Thank you for positive feedback.


Yeah, OKIO is pretty awesome looking! Nice work @rb550f