New Friend For Jd, Lita My Humanoid Robot Made From Water Pipe Pvc And Scraps


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Hello All, I am getting ez develover time ago. in fact it will I use for real size wall e. I. but it seems I have to wait for the second gearbox on the wheel is broken and need to be replaced but the larger cost, while I was waiting, i have a idea to creating my own JD with Ez developer, but I dont have 3d printer so I made from pvc water pipes and scraps. the idea was developed so as to produce a humanoid robot JD system mechanism but in different look like (the new design humanoid robot). :)

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EricEZ, What creative work! I love home brewed robots and this is an awesome build. Your fabrication skills are great! Thanks for sharing. Steve S ;)


Great job. I think I will show off your work to my class today. It just goes to show where there is will, there is a way. Great work and thank you for sharing.


Very Awesome, keep up the fantastic job!


You have done some really terrific work..Love your design and thanks for giving great pics on your project..



United Kingdom

That's really great work Eric. You do have a talent for fabrication and what you have done with the dev kit and PVC parts show's that. My particular favourite of the build is the space helmet looking head. it gives him a you make personality, and looks really cool.

Great job and thanks for sharing. :)


What an amazing craftsman. Best claw I've seen in a while. ;)




Thankyou all,

:) i just try what i can make with scraps in around my home , The water pipe pvc i use is thin lower price pvc, and i platten with hot fire manual work like on video, and the head is back head broken robosapien who was i find on garbage.


What is the flat plastic material you are using and where can I get some? What kind of scissors are you using to cut it?




Outstanding! I am going to try this (flatten PVC) ... There are some custom plastic pieces I would like to make and since I don't have (or know how to use) 3d design software, I'm going to try it your way.... How did you learn how to do all this?

@DJ has got to see this...:)


@d.cochran with pleasure... :)


@JustinRatliff is just lower price ordinary water pipe (thin pipe) and ordinary scirsors. @Richard @dinesh



Did you just make a servo out of DC geared motors for the shoulders? I think with a little more sanding and some bondo and epoxy coating you can make some serious damage on the "overpriced robot market" :D


@Richard R i just find my way self , i just thing when i look a papercraft and the idea is show up for making robot from that, but paper is not strong, and than i look a water pipe in my store room and ... this is result...:)


@Doombot is a gerbox i'm modification with a modul motor controller on broken sevo...(the servo I don't pretty much):)

@thetechguru Alan im sorry this not working yet on my real sizq wall.e, the high Tors motor Dc on my wall.e is broken and i need to replace. but you know what my problem. so while the Ez-b i use for this robot.

Thankyou, All


@EricEZ You sir, are brilliant. and no matter what anyone says, don't chop those locks;) ;)

Have you used fiberglass and resin? Pus, are you using PVC cement to bond your plastics together?


@doombot yes i have try use fiberglass and resin but is so hart find in my place. so i use pvc water pipe is easly to find and low price..

Thankyou :)



Hey bro, I am blown away by your skills. You remind me so much of me when I was a kid. Please send me an email at marcbertone39 (at) I would like to sponsor you and your builds. ;)


@Doombot wow that is good news for me, before i want to tell the Ez-b deve;over i have is a gift from ez-robot community.. so Thankyou so much for helping me.


@EricEZ Well done! Like the rest of the community, I am seriously impressed!


@Aislinn Thank you for your help, about camera replacement. a lot of ideas about robot vision that appears and I can make it :)


and this my arm robot with same material... "dummy" the name of arm robot on Ironman..:) User-inserted image


Oh look! Maybe it can teach @Dodi how to use a screwdriver! :D


Wow great robots @EricEZ very impressive!


@Doombot.. tsk, tsk... but funny... :D

@EricEZ Do you have any formal education in robotics? How did you learn how to do all this stuff?.... Somebody needs to hire you for sure....


hello @nomad18.08, @Jeremie:) thank's

@Richard R no i dont have any formal education in robotic or electro. I graduated from the Film Arts Institute. i lose my job in Malaysia on 2011 and returt to Indonesia and no have job until 2012 so hard to find a job in Indonesia. and i start thingkin to making something when i waching wall.e movie the idea show up for making his real. but i dont know how to build it. start to google and youtube to find the way. and i saw the papercraft on Internet build a transformer robot so i get first way to making wall.e, but paper is not to strong so i find second way and the water pipe is good material. is lower price and easy to find. and electro.. just know little bit , wall.e the first only use 4 RC car modul different frequency for control him. that is my history on Robotic, i start in 2012 and learn self waching Youtube, read robotics e-book on Google.



You have a Talent! Great Job!

I LOVE your hand design.


@MovieMaker thankyou... :)


Man, you are an artist! what a great job! I'm so happy that you are using your talent. what a beautiful desing. congratulations!


hallo @tevans :)

   sorry i have done finishing wall.e yet, because u need repleace  a few part on the wheel and that need cost and little more time. so wait for ready a part, i create this robot, so i can show you and all people who has support me i use the Ez-B for well.



You are very creative ! Good work , I am sure you will teach lots of builders neat tricks.


@jstaarne1 thank's a lot, yea i hope so... :)


@Eric.... Your engineering is as good as your design!.... So all the plastic on your JD you made out of pieces from PVC? They look like they came out of a molds... I just can't imagine what you would be able to do if you had 3d design software...

If you were to move to the US or even Canada you would be making a lot of money working for a Robotics' company....

Warning... If you move to Canada, you may want to bring a coat.... LOL


@Richard R i'm take class for 3d animation on my study in movie faculty, so little bit i can Use 3d software, but for 3d animation sofware like 3d max . yeah.. for cople week ago i see oportunity for move to Canada but tha price of visa is expensive for me. :)


@Eric.... I know it is expensive.... not to mention cold in the winters LOL.... I really think if you could come you would get a really good paying career... Canada needs more really smart people like yourself... Funny enough my girlfriend's job is to find new Canadians jobs in their field of expertise when they come to Canada. It is sponsored by our government (and partially paid for)... If you were to ever come here, she would be able to help you find a good job in your field....

United Kingdom

@Eric, amazing work, such a really neat robot built from PVC pipe, you are an inspiration!

I would be happy to donate, servos, motors, electronics from my stock if that helps.

Someone with your talent would also do well in major US and Canadian toy companies. I have high level friends in Spinmaster the great Canadian toy company doing the Meccano robot, I do not mind sending them an introduction email on your behalf, let me know?



@Richard thankyou so much, but i don't know when i can go to Canada... :(... but i not dissapointed, I know that someday there is a way for me. .. :)


No worries... I live in Ontario, Canada.... If you ever come here contact me.... Tony may have an option for you.... I am not sure if companies still do this, but if a company were to sponsor you they would pay to bring you here...


@Toymaker:) wow, thats good news for me, that's the difficulty , the price of electronic, motor or servo here 10 times from your country. my email address for Ez comminity is , or you can use the 2 of email all is active.


United Kingdom

@Eric, I can send various servos, and DC motors and also sensors, I stock ultrasonic, Sharp IR rangers and Panasonic micro PIRs. I also have a couple of spare EZB v3 controllers that you are welcome too.

I will put a package together for you. I will send an email over to you now so we can chat off forum.



@Tony... you're unreal! That is so awesome of you...

@Eric... Take Tony's offer.... LOL


@Richard , Thankyou :)

@Toymaker okay, thanks before:) I really appreciate your help


I would like to see more detailed still pictures of the hands. That is a GOOD Design.


@MovieMaker Thankyou, i has posting that on Instructables last night this for link


Nice Job! and Great Instructable!



Tell us about the HEAD that you have on your desk. It looks done pretty well. Is that a mold?


@MovieMaker.... He has already described his build in detail. Instead of asking Eric to repeat himself, just have a look back through the thread....


on instructables is detail the head is a back side of broken head robosapien. :)


I was asking about the Human like head on his desk, not his build.

You can see the Head in his video on his desk in the background. I was curious about that. He sure has talent.


I don't mean the Roli's head. I am talking about the human looking head on your desk in the background. It looks like a Malaysian man's head. sorry for the confusion.

thanks, Mel


@Mel... look on the first page, post #1... There is a video of the head build. The video is labeled "lita the humanoid robot on progress (head part)"..; There are other videos as well of his complete build.....


@Mel... What Malaysian man's head? Can to tell me what post # your are looking at?


Again, one more time. If you will listen to what I have said. I am NOT tallking about Lita's Head, I am talking about an Unknown HEAD that is laying on the desk in the background of his video. Maybe it is a mold, or maybe it is a shrunkin' head. I thought it would make a nice head for a Humanoid. That is why I asked. Go back and look at the video and it is only there a brief moment. But, you will see it if you are observant enough. Thanks for trying to help me. But, you misunderstood what I was trying to say.


Which video?

Talk about observant... There is no Roli head in the entire thread...and if you where paying attention you would know he makes everything out of PVC pipe... cutting, melting and shaping...


OK, to make myself clear. Here is a picture of the Head in question. I should've showed this at the beginning. It is the Human head, not the robot head or fish head.

User-inserted image


Looks like a rubber mask to me.... He probably bought that... at any rate... It is his ability to create robotic parts out of PVC pipe that is truly remarkable.... By the way... The Real Steal helmet to the right in your picture was also made from pvc pipe he cut, melted and formed by hand...

United Kingdom

I have been chatting off-forum with Eric and he likes the Pleo robotic dinosaurs and wondered about their mechanics. I did a quick photo off one of our display shelves of a "skinned" Pleo and sent to Eric. I thought this may be of interest to other roboteers here so here it is for those interested.

User-inserted image

Mechanically it an amazing mechanism, I bet Eric with all his talent could find a really neat way of doing something like this!



Hi All..:) User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

oh i see, thats is my mold face, i thing i will make my twin robot but i not get silicone type Gel-10 for life casting in Indonesia so thats a skip project, and that just for molding if i get silicon Gel-10 on future.


@ToyMaker , Thankyou Tony for the Good picture of skiny Pleo. ya Tony, i dream to make robot like pleo...or aibo but i never have much tool or and material, so hard to me to make it i try make a robodog using modify gearbox but the gearbox not to strong to hold body. User-inserted image


I would like to see you make a twin robot. Hope you get the gel later on.


@MovieMaker yea i hope so :)


please tell me how you change gear motor to a standard servo confused confused confused


@dinesh watch this video i use modul servo who has broken on the gear... and put it on the cheap gearbox, so i have a new servo (but sorry is use Indonesia leaguage)


Great tutorial Eric.... I did something very similar when I built my inMoov... Basically an external pot mod... Most of the large joint servos (hitec HS-805bb) required their pots to be removed and relocated in the pivot point of the joint...


I have never met a man that I could not learn something from. You have taught me many things.

Thanks, mel


@Richard , Thats a great idea ...:) @MovieMaker , your welcome :)


i miss thats moment... bring me back...


You're a talented guy EricEZ. Come on back! Build another one of your cool robots with your amazing tips and ideas.

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Hello @Dave Schulpius @Dunning-Kruger, this year i thinking about move to USA or Canada, i try to apply PR today, Hope it can succeed i very impressive, you still work on your B9 robot from 7 years ago until now @Dave