My Inmoov Bartender

Richard R

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Well after seeing Bob Houston's inMoov (hard act to follow by the way) on here a while back I knew I had to make one too. So here he is working as a bartender for us.... I want to also give credit to Luis Vazquez for his text to speech script I am using for jaw movement....

And just to be clear he is completely autonomous in this video... No remote control... Hope you guys like the video...

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Sorry Steve... Been wrapped up trying to get David's AI installed and working....
United Kingdom
Cool. No worries. How's it going?
It's an all day thing LOL... I have it installed but haven't had much time to check it out.... I will finish watching the video examples tomorrow and let you know...
This is so awesome! I'm working on something similar myself right now.
What voice are you using for the speech