My Inmoov Bartender



Well after seeing Bob Houston's inMoov (hard act to follow by the way) on here a while back I knew I had to make one too. So here he is working as a bartender for us.... I want to also give credit to Luis Vazquez for his text to speech script I am using for jaw movement....

And just to be clear he is completely autonomous in this video... No remote control... Hope you guys like the video...

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Awesome (however I have no sound as am at work right now). Can't wait to get home and watch it with sound.

Now you know when you said if ever I need anything 3D printed...;) Seriously though, what is the rough cost for printing the inmoov? I want one, I've wanted one for while but still not convinced by the 3D printer market.



amazing video.


@Thanks Rich.... don't expect great sound it is a raw recording from a cell phone (and no video editing, because I don't know how ... LOL)....

The printer is the big cost...

  1. Printer $?

  2. Filament maybe $150 (maybe less) depends on where you buy it

  3. Small Servos (MG946) 14 x $6 = $84

  4. Large servos (Tower TS-80 or Hitec 805BB) I got 12 TS-80 for $23 + shipping =$300 Total (Hitecs cost more)

  5. Misc nuts, screws, wiring and sensors = maybe $50

  6. Of course the ezb4 and camera...

Total without printer roughly $600?

This doesn't include the custom base I made out of Vex and a couple of surplus robotic lawnmower drive wheels I found on eBay...


That is really really cool...makes me want a 3D printer even more now. Great job Richard. How long did it take to print?

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Wow, I was expecting upwards of $1k. I know what I need to save for this year (after everything else that's using up all of my money).


@Rich.... Depends on how frugal you are at shopping for parts... I am not going to sing the praise of a 3d printer like Anthony would... I also agree with what DJ said about them... they can be a pain in the a**.... However, saying that my UP! Plus 2 can pretty much print the entire inMoov... It cost about $1500 CAD and has a 1 year warr (way longer than most printers)... It is so easy to use and set up and after printing every day for the last 3 months or so it has been flawless (with the exception of a blocked nozzle, which is easy to fix). It feels like a solid reliable machine....

Another guy on here is building an inMoov on a daVinci 1.0 printer he picked up off of eBay (I think) for less than $500.... He says it is printing great so far...

@rgordon Thanks man Probably more than 600hrs involved? Sometimes you need to reprint a piece or two that didn't come out well or broke or whatever....

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Wow Richard, this is great, and you built this so quickly!

I remember you saying in one of your messages about building one, when replying back to Bob Houston's inMoov, and that wasn't that long ago!

I'm interested in building one, and using the EZB, camera and some of the servo's which I've put into my Hexapod.

I don't have a 3D printer, and interested like Rich about the cost to get one printer out. Contemplating getting a 3D printer, but its trying to justify the cost?



@Chris... I hear you... It's a tough call.... After finishing my inMoov my printers (I have two now) are not being used as much... However, I do download stuff from Thingiverse to print... Yesterday I was printing a Wall-e head I found on there...

Eventually I will learn some 3d design software and start designing and making my own parts like Anthony does...

That being said.... I have absolutely no regrets buying a 3d printer... It's a great tool for robotics...

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Yes, its more about justifying it to the Boss! :D


Great work Richard. Now that the bot is complete, the fun begins. I love this robot because the possibilities are endless. Robot looks great and I can't wait to start mine soon.


Nice work! Really nice! Who wouldn't want a inMoov. I must say I'm a little jealous of you guys that have the 3D printers. It would be nice to be able to make your own parts.

Keep up the good work Richard R

Edit: Richard R ... when the young lady sits down, hows does he know that it's a women? Do you have some voice recognition script?


@d.cochran ... Thanks David... Well, I had to post my work before you unleash your Teddy project and put the rest of us to shame... :)

@Herr Ball ... Thanks my friend... I am sure sooner or later you'll be able to convince yourself that a 3d printer is a must have... LOL


Great job Richard,

Your Inmoov is looking just superb. It is probably the first one in the world to be able to move from place to place.

Printing 3d takes long time, I gess you did put many hours to develop the scripts to make this movie.


United Kingdom

Great video Richard! very impressive, this is the first time I have seen an Inmoov actually in motion.


@Aerius... The programming didn't take nearly as long as building the inMoov... I will tell you though, there was a lot of trial and error that went to his programming...

@Tony... Coming from you, that really is a compliment.... Thanks!


Very, very nice. I have a lot of work to do to catch up with some of you guys.


Congratulations ! Cool and impressive !


@Richard R, WOW ! I'm blown away! Your InMoov is great, the movements, the mobility and the scripting - all fantastic! I have seen two other InMoovs on a mobile base but neither move as smooth as yours, Once again, fantastic build! It's inspiring,

United Kingdom

:P Move over Tom Cruse (Cocktail), here comes Andrew.:P

Seriously though Richard, a really really great job done well. He moves around so smoothly and the mouth sync works great. I've seen the other Inmoov's around which are fantastic, but I like the fact that you have him mobile. And the fact that he was totally autonomous in the video just shows that there are so many possibilities with this guy. Hope to see more of him.

FYI, the video is great so have no worries there, but as a thank you for the help you have given me, if you want any video editing done, I would be more than happy to do some for you if you wish.;)

Once again, great job dude. I'm really impressed. Thanks for sharing.:D


@Steve G.... Thanks buddy.... Next time I do a video I will take you up on your offer.... So all I need to do I just send you the raw video?

United Kingdom

Hey no worries. Yeah, just the raw stuff wheather it be in multiple clips or just one peace of footage. :)


Richard R., that is kick ass dude! Question - do you think that the new Create(2) could be used as a mobile base for your inmoov?


Hey @Doc.... Thanks man.... I don't think so... The bot himself (without a mobile base) is around 22lbs give or take a few... I think it may be too heavy for the create.... One of the biggest issues is not so much the weight, but the high centre of gravity... Especially when his arms are extended...

By the way, I still haven't got my Create 2 yet... stress


Richard R, How cool is that! The mobility really adds to your robot. The interaction was awesome and your hard work really shows. You make everything look easy. I am a little bit jealous that you have your own bartender. I know what I would be building if I had a 3D printer! Just starting my new mobile small humanoid non printed project, but will have much less degrees of freedom movement than Andrew. Thank you for sharing, Steve S;)


Hey @Steve... Yes, I did put a lot of work in to my inMoov. However it would not have been possible without the ez robot community (as a collective)... Let me explain... I came to ez robot about a year and a half ago... I knew a fair bit about programming simple controllers as most of my projects up until then were using a Basic Micro AtomPro controller... The Basic Atom is fine, but it is no EZB4 by any means... My inMoov project could have been done using a couple of arduinos and like they say, the hard way... It would have been twice the work with half of the results... I am going to try not to be too mellow dramatic here... However, to me what I was able to do in the video couldn't be done without not only the ezb4 but the ez robot community.... I learned a little bit from everyone here, so the bot is not entirely mine really....

I leaned from (in no particular order) @Rich.... Logical, tight coding, too many script example to count @Alan... Network, routers getting better wifi coverage for my ezb @Robot Doc... Roomba hardware and the ROI for it @d.cochran... More network stuff, and some more coding techniques @Luis Vazquez .... Man can he write arduino and ezb code @b.Houston... Building techniques for the inMoov @Steve G... That guy never gave up, now he is hooked... LOL @DJ ... taught me to stop complaining, you'll get your stuff...:P Ok, and the small tiny little contribution by creating an ezb4 and ARC:D @Steve S... Maybe I need to lean to shut my mouth more... LOL @nomad... I learned what not to do...:D... You are fast improving, though dude.... :) @too many more to count...

See @Steve, you can't leave... we all learn from the collective here... The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.....

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Richard, I think this has been discussed before in the forum, about 'Win 7' female 'Anna' voice, and not being able to change it? But where did you get InMoov male voice from?

Again fantastic work, I've watched the video again at home now, and could turn up the volume to hear it better! The voice is great!

Cheers, Chris..


wow I am totally blown away theres no one that can beat that that is just too awesome I had to watch it 3 times. I like where you placed your sensors. when you said it was fully autonomous did you have to pre program for pouring the wine or was that economist as well?

very nice job fantastic I don't think anybody's going to come close to what you have.


Economists that should have been autonomous. Lol


Daaaannnnnnnggggggg! Awesome work @RR, can't believe that was all autonomous, very Impressive!


@merne... Thanks dude... Yes, it is all autonomous... The pour was triggered by the glass being inserted into his right hand... I put a mini IR sensor in his right hand to detect objects... Once the glass was detected it ran a pour script I wrote for those two particular type of wine glasses... So yes autonomous, but specific to a point...

@Jeremie... Coming for you, I am extremely flattered... Thank you


No one is asking the obvious question.....who is the "Miss"? ;)


Ha, Ha.... @zap... the 'ole ball and chain... Thank God she is too bored to read the forum posts about this....


LOL. Yeah, the robot is impressive too.

Actually, it was nice of her to participate in the video. Mine would never do it. Possibly if I built something to serve her wine but nothing short of that for sure.

United Kingdom

Ha ha ha, that cracked me up Richard. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with us. :D:D:D


@Steve... If you think that's funny, wait until she gets the ring... Forget the video editing, I'll be knocking on your door for a place to stay...:D

United Kingdom

I'll put the beers in the fridge then. And don't forget to bring Andrew to serve them. :P


Despite your insistence it took a long time, I am amazed at how fast you got that built amd working. It feels like just a few weeks ago you were trying to decide whether or not you were going to buy a printer.

Amazing work.



Hey Thanks Alan.... I appreciate the kudos... Funny, I would not have been able to take the video upstairs if you hadn't help me fix my network woes a while back... I barely had 30ft range with my old router before (with your advice) I upgraded to my current dLink...



Wow, BOOM! Wicked cool. I'm speechless! I'm proud to know you.


@Richard, you are a very very bad influence to me. Now I MUST get myself a 3D-printer. LOL Your inmoov is simply amazing ! Great job.


@Kazobond.... Ha, ha.... I'm sorry..... NOT!:P Thanks for the compliments...

@Dave... Tag, you're it... It'll be your turn soon to show us what the big guy (B9) can do....:D Well, I had my 15mins of fame... now it's someone else's turn...:P


Whoooooa @Richard! This is SO cool. The grabbing of the wine glass was very impressive! :)


Thanks Aislinn.... He's for hire if you guys want him to run around the ez robot office fetching coffee and donuts for you... Few tips, though... Don't let him near Jeremie's soldering iron and don't let him outside, he has a tendency to wander... :P


Yah, I was blown away when he started pouring the wine. I felt the fear and saw how fast your wife grabbed the glass as he passed it to her. No trust. :P I'm sure she thought it was going to end up on her nice outfit. :)

United Kingdom

I have one important question on this which I just thought of...

Has she stopped calling it your robot and started calling it our robot yet?..:)


@Rich... As long as he can do chores she (Sue) considers him hers.... Wait until she finds out he's a big slob like me... I am sure I will be ordered to take him down to the basement again....:P


Does anyone's significant other call it "our" robot ? I think not !


I have the same issue with robots that I had with home automation. Low WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). She just doesn't understand why I spend money on it, but at least when it doesn't work it doesn't affect her unike when the lights would decide to turn on or off at the wrong time, so she is more patient with it.



Hi Richard, your Inmoov Bartender is FANTASTIC! This is the first time I watched a video of Inmoov. My conclusion: I wish it was my Inmoov Bartender : )


@ivanhoe .... Thanks! Unfortunately he doesn't wash dishes or short order cook.... He complains about the stove melting body parts or something....:P


Woah! Your robotic bartender is really fascinating and is not something you see everday. Being that it was in autonomous mode, I am even more impressed with how it reacts and is so polite.


@FreakScout12 Thanks!... Well to be honest he is only polite to Sue... With me he swears like a drunken sailor....:P


@Richard R When I saw that video it I watched it but didn't take it all in. You have an amazing amount of work in that. I do not remember when but it seems that not long ago you were looking to buy a 3D printer. Maybe my sense of time is off but you seem to have just made that inMoov appear over night. I am highly impressed. Where is the build at now?

BTW, while I was with the team we used to watch the Delta boys out cuss a drunken sailor on shore leave in Tijuana


@Pacowang.... Thanks Dude!.... My inmoov is pretty much completed... However, I need to get back to do some more programming.... I am looking at d.cochran's IA for down the road...

I started last Nov (early)... I am semi retired so I had the time to spend on the project and being winter here there isn't much else to do but build robots... LOL... Anyway, I also was able to buy 2 printers so that sped things up as well....

I am actually now building a hybrid inmoov with a healthy dose of "Doombot" in his design.... When it progress and if I am happy with it I'll post some pictures of the build here...



@Alan... sure, upstaged by a glorified toaster.... sheeesh!:P

My inMoov 2 will kick it's butt...:D

United Kingdom

Lol, "Beam me up Budwiser" (or should that be Coors):P I think Andrews job is safe.


Sorry Steve... Been wrapped up trying to get David's AI installed and working....

United Kingdom

Cool. No worries. How's it going?


It's an all day thing LOL... I have it installed but haven't had much time to check it out.... I will finish watching the video examples tomorrow and let you know...


This is so awesome! I'm working on something similar myself right now.


What voice are you using for the speech