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It's about time I jumped in the pool. Just don't expect too big of a splash at first!;)

Got this Robie SR. off eBay back in early November 2011. So far, I've got it completely disassembled and documented so I could put it back together when I need too. So no actual progress to report on "EZ-B-ification".

My current goals are to:
1) Increase its height 6-inches or so, but I'm trying to work out the best way to do it.
2) Add a turning/tilting neck (left-right/up-down).
3) New paint job (eventually).
4) More... (TBD).

I'm taking baby-steps right now since I struggle with electrical and mechanical concepts versus their practical execution considering my skill-level. To this end, I know I'll have to develop soldering skills so I'll soon be getting one of those (cheap) soldering kits to help with that. That way I'll be less likely to "fry" something expensive/important when the time comes. I've also slowly been gathering the parts, components, and tools I think I'll need to see this project through. Though I still have a way to go for that as well.

I'm attaching a photo of Robie SR. as it arrived for the "before" photo so everyone can see what I have to work with.

User-inserted image

I expect my progress to be slow-but-steady. I hope! *eyeroll*

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@JT - I'm glad to finally see what you are working on. I love the Robie Sr. with that cool head. Are you going to replace that broken claw? been there done that...haha. Good luck and anxious to see your progress.
@bret.tallent - Thanks, Bret. You and all the other wonderful folks on this forum are quite an inspiration. You did a wonderful job on your Omnibot and a simply amazing job on your B-9 robot conversion so far. Everything looks so professional! *cool*

Yes, going to have to do *something* about that claw... Haven't decided what I want to do with the arms/hands yet. Maybe all new or modify existing. We'll see... I have been following the "Robot Arms" thread for ideas.
Hey Jr , we have done some base ext.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
I'm still on my first robot , but if you commit yourself you can do it. Use as many premade parts or kits as you can. Sparkfun and pololu.com both have gripper kits to mod your robie Sr . How are the treads on your bot? Do they look good or need to be replaced?
@jstarne1 - Thanks for the encouragement! :D That height you added looks good on your bot. I see you did something similar to sfoy? That's acrylic plastic (or something), right? I wish I could work out how you and sfoy attached the base extensions to the existing bot plastics.

As for the treads on my bot, they are surprisingly intact and still look really good. The rubber used for our bot's treads usually dry-rots after all these years. Guess I was lucky! However, to protect the existing treads I'll be using that Plasti-Dip on all the treads of my wheels. I think you suggested that in another thread or you did it for your bot? Might mix in a little hobby sand too to give the treads more grip. But we'll see... *eyeroll*

The only things mine are missing is the broke claw, as bret pointed out, and the battery door panel is missing. Have a look at Robie SR's treads for yourself!
User-inserted image
@JT - I have the claw hand that I took off mine if you want it. That way you could replace the broken hand part if you want to keep that original. email me at bret.tallent@gmail.com if you want the part.
@bret.tallent - Email sent! Thank you!*cool*