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The original specs does not include encoders, or potentiometers so no feedback.

Check my comment (Sep 1, 2016)

Every time you power on the arm, you need to perform a manual alignment (position zero), if you are ok with that ...

but still a wonderful design.
Nice build, Boris! Looking forward to seeing it working. It will be interesting to see how you get it work with an EZB. Nice to see you back on the forum, it's been awhile.
HI Bob!

Yes, long time ago....

but i told you: I´ll be back! ;-))))

My poor "Hansi" - Inmoov is still waiting for his arms - poor boy!

But maybe next time.

Hi ptp!

Thanx for this info! I didn´t know it. But i hope i can conjure with the EZB a cool robot arm.

Do somebody know what is the best stepper driver controller which works good with the ezb? For this project i use Nema17 - Nema14 - Nema23 (12-24V - max 4A)

For now i will use the TB6560 with the Ramps 1.4 and the Arduino - like it´s written in the manual.

Maybe it gives a better solutions.

Hi Mickey!

How do you do?
Update for the Moveo Arm:

Specialy for labala (who made and make a cool remix work on the moveo)

First Problem ist between Axis 2 and 3

User-inserted image

Best idea to put some rings between.

2 Problems are with the remix Axis 4 from labala:

The places for the bearing must be bigger

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Maybe for the next time to close this cable holders - better to put the cables inside!

User-inserted image

Here is a remix of the Mantis Gripper by Andreas Hölldorfer


Remix from me:

User-inserted image

You can check my Things here for some Pulleys:

Here a question to the electric - Maybe somebody has more knowlegde them me - i asking me if my connection is right?

Its working, but maybe i can make a better on.

User-inserted image

The Best way will be to make a connection to a EZB!

ITS POSSIBLE or can i forget this idea?
If you tell us what stepper motor and datasheet, i can help you. It is possible:)
Hello DJ!

And do you think there is something possible with EZB and Nema Steppers/ TB6560 Motor Driver?

Hello Boris !

I can't find the different motors from the BOM.

Can you give me a screenshot of your command with the correct stepper motors ?

Thanks a lot !


thanx for you interest.

You can have a look to my project webpage:

there you can find my actual stepper constellation.

If you need more info, ask me.

Best Boris