Moshi Is Alive



Well i finally got EZB 4 installed and connected inside MOSHI. Everything works great.I have a few cosmetic items to do and add additional sensors to install.I replaced the motor drive asm with a base from a Sharper Image evac.This makes and excellent drive for it.Quiet and powerful..This has 4 inch wheels. I connected the audio on EZB from board connection prior to amp to a Craig bluetooth sound system.Great audio which has a infrared remote(also installed on my tablet).Keep in mind that i started with a Hero jr shell body panels only..Made internal frame from aluminum stock...This makes a terrific droid robot. I am very please with the EZB 4..Thank you all for support and interest...and a great product from EZ Robot ! User-inserted image

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This is absolutly fantastic ! I LOVE IT!


That's awesome!

I just got a Hero Jr and hoping to do some mod(ern)ification on it... color me inspired! Nice work!


Great robot !.....hope to see videos of it in action.Really like the retro look.


You get 5 stars from me. Keep up the great work.

j:):):):) :)


Really cool .... would love to see some video!


Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! So freaking cool using the old Hero Jr. body.

In picture 5 what is the funky tube at the bottom with wires going to that a light bar? The 4 relay control board, is that for the drive motors?


Absoluitly super cool! So very retro. I hope you are able to post a video of it in action soon. Nice workmenship.


The light bar at the bottom is for ground effects lighting.It can be controlled to change to four colors.Can be on or flashing. I will post video as soon as i have time...


Great job! I'm replacing my Hero 1 guts with a v4. Can't wait to get it!


Man I love your Moshi robot it reminds me of the Liebrarian robot from robot and frank but like the awsome 2.0 version. Love this this robot


Doing the same thing! very cool! I really would like to see a video of him in action.


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