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Upgrade to ARC Pro

ARC Pro is more than a tool; it's a creative playground for robot enthusiasts, where you can turn your wildest ideas into reality.


I like the recycling idea. Thats cool


That is an AWSOME case/frame. That could be the whole body. But if that is going to be ONLY the Head. Wow! that is going to be a BIG MAC.

good luck!



Yeah ... I can picture that as a very nice looking robot ! Not really big and not really small, plenty of room in there for everything one might need. I like it:)


Did I say the E-Mac was the head eek .... Check this out...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I'm going to try and mount this Karaoke machine on top with the ability to pan back and forth, I will be making a few mods to the now "NEW HEAD" but will try and keep the unit functional. So now I guess I could call it " Sing-Along-MackBot "


that is awesome! Lol i wish i still had my old mac now...


That head is very Daft Punk meets 80's video game console:) What are you planning for the base? I think a 6 wheeled balloon type tire setup would look great.


I'm have a power-chair ( Jazzy 1122 ) that will be the base.


That's going to be radical! I like it!


Thats so crazy looking. Do you want the head to turn?


I have the head mounted and it is pan-able right now, I was thinking of putting a single center-shaft drive of some kind but it would be too intrusive for the internal electronics in the head.

It is mounted on a hard drive motor as the bearing ( very small and tight bearing by the way ) and I will control it with a servo and linkage.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


The head has a camera built in on the top, 2 mic inputs at the front, video in /video out on the back plus a cd, cd+G player.

I'd like to use the cd+g player to display a 790 type character ( 790 from the TV show LEXX ) something like the picture below, I may try and remove the cd+g player and install a computer CD/DVD player instead ( it would make thing easier for what I want ).

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

This character is made with CRAZY TALK PRO and will lip-sync text that is inserted into a timeline within the program. The character is also animated while sitting idle and talking.

My intention is to have the bot speak its status and such. I also have a program called ULTRA HAL which I may also use.


Ok, this is just a small progress report,

I've removed the front idler wheels to shorten up the length, these are there to push the drive wheels down when you approach a rise on the ground surface and to prevent a tip over when going down a steep grade ( they are not needed for my robotic purposes ) but after removing them I had to do some suspension adjusting.

I've also removed the electric brakes ( pretty neat actually but not needed ).

I tested the base with a SabreTooth 2x60 and it works fantastic, I blasted around my back yard full bore doing donuts, full forward to full reverse with no problems at all.

From a stand still to full power it will spin it's wheels and the cooling fan on the SabreTooth kicks in for about 5-10 secounds if that. I'm really impressed. :)

Here's a few pics.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The pics above are before idler wheel removal

This one is the parts pulled from the brake.

User-inserted image

This is after the idler removal.

User-inserted image

SabreTooth 2x60

User-inserted image

Here is BIGMACK with a few more changes,

His head is now able to pan back and forth with a single servo at the rear, I was going to bore a hole at the back for the corrugated wire sleeve but I think I'm going to leave it the way it is. The Aspire lap top is now inside with video in and out capability.

So far I only have the EZ-B connected to the lap top ( Brain )

I'm running Ultra Hal 6 ( AI assistant program ) with ARC in the background, I also use Ultra VNC which is a very easy client/server program to access BIGMACK from any where that I want, I can program EZ-B, chat with BIGMACK ( Hal6 ) and also see what BIGMACK sees on his head cam. The Head cam is also accessible by EZ-B for face recon etc.

And also the Karaoke machine is unaltered and fully functional if someone wants to sing along with BIGMACK!


User-inserted image

Next I'll be merging the body to the base WAHOO.....:)


Hey buddy i have a 7 inch lcd screen that at home in place of that tube tv. Ill ya free.


Hey thanks @jstarne1,

What's the shipping price to

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