My Wall-e



Need to wire the eyes. (BlinkM) Need to add the sonar Need o put the camera on top of his head Need to add my MP3 Trigger

Then he will be done

Out side of that he works fine.

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nice to see the wall-e's are still populating! A very different way to do the head tilt. have you considered putting the tilt servo inside the body? then it wouldn't stand out so much. Just a suggestion.


See? nice and hidden. If you think putting the camera in the head will be a lot of work, it is, but it is worth it. If done right it looks amazing.


I plan on lighting the eyes with the blink's

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You could mount the camera in the chest and track by relative position, if you wanted to hide the camera and keep the BlinkM eyes. Nothing says the camera itself needs to move:) And it would make a nice change to see something which uses the relative position tracking.


I tried to make one of these, but then I broke it. Good job!