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My name is Rex and I am building a large robot. His name is Magnus. He is 6 ft. tall and will weigh around 300 lbs. He has wheelchair motors driving tank treads. He looks similar to the B9 robot that appeared on the old TV series called Lost in Space but , I claim no ties to Lost in Space. I will post more pictures soon. I was very excited when I found the E Z Robot kit. I want to order but have some questions. Looking forward to discussing all kinds of topics here.

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Thanks to both of you.

My EZ Board kit ($235.00)should arrive any day now. My items from Sparkfun for long range XBee control are already here($136.00).

So, You are saying that I can eventually use the EZ Board instead of the LEAF Micro? I may wait then. Money is a little tight now since I ordered this stuff. Got to start saving up again.

How long do you think before ROBOREALM is ready? Have you heard any news?

I will be downloading the software you mentioned tonight.
should be in a few days STEVEN the man at ROBOREALM told me got the board and working on the code (software) to use the EZB
I WOULD TRY leaf out get use to itan run on windows 7,its is very hard to install
What we are saying, Rex, is that it will work with the EZboard. But you will have to do a lot of complicated programming. Mostly in c language. No one that I know of has used the EZboard with Leaf. So, there is going to be some pioneering to be done. If you follow the same path that many have with Alex's board, you have a better chance of finishing quickly and with fewer hassles.

Good Luck!

I've never done any programming in C before (big learning curve there). Mainly a few programs in Basic a long time ago. So, I guess I will still do what you and Fred were advising before and get the Leaf board and parts, It may be awhile though due to $ reasons. I spent my current robot fund on the EZ Board and Sparkfun stuff.

Anyway I can still try out the software. Hope I can get it installed without too much trouble. May have to get you guys to come to the rescue:)

While I've got your attention I would value both of your opinions on my idea for a servo mimic. See the threads at Hardware >> Turn Dc Gear Motors Into Servos

I will let Fred handle that one. He is an Engineer. Me, I am only a hobbiest.

Turn Dc Gear Motors Into Servos
thats what i really do alot on

I would like your opinion for my idea for a servo mimic See my drawings and explanation on page 2 of thread category .........Hardware >> Turn Dc Gear Motors Into Servos.
Hangin for more pics of your progress - this has to be one of the biggest efforts I've seen, absolutely fantastic - Cheers mate

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah....I'm still planning to finish Magnus. It has been my dream to build a robot like this for the last 40 years. I not going to let my dream die out.:)
Don't Ever Quit! You have a gift for it. Just like Hazbot.

Thanks Mel. That means a lot to me.

Time is my enemy. I don't have the time that most of the people on this forum have to work on their bots. Magnus is my dream robot and I have not given up on him. Building something that size from scratch has been a daunting task so far.

As for building robots.....I do have another smaller one in the works. One that I can work on inside the house, using a much simpler design. I will unveil him soon.

I am guardian to three children that we took in a few years ago. My wife's nephew and his wife lost custody of their children due to domestic violence and drugs. So we took them in to keep them from going to foster homes. It has been quite a task. One girl and two boys. Brittany is now 13 years old, Jacob is 11, and Justin is 7. Justin is now hooked on robots and he is helping me with the new smaller bot. I also have a 20 year old daughter who is now in college. So money is now becoming an issue.

I work at a power plant (140 Megawatt) in Clarksville, VA. Usually by the time I get home and all the chores around the house and yard are done, cooking, cleaning, repairing, etc. I sometimes have a little time to work on the robot. Unfortunately most of the time I end up falling asleep at my desk

Sorry....didn't mean to drop the life story bomb on ya.

Anyway...thanks for your verbal support. Now go build robots!:)
Kudos rgordon on taking the kids in.
Thanks Troy and Bret. Yeah it's like someone hit reboot and now I'm starting over. It's like trying to change the course of three rivers. We have them back on track and they are doing well in school. Jacob is the biggest challenge. He has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and is quite the handful. Justin is becoming my little robot building buddy and I am helping him learn electronics. Having someone to teach is beneficial to my life.

@ DJ......Thanks for creating such a wonderful device that is inspiring young and old to dare to dream again and enter into the amazing world of robotics! You are my hero sir!

RGORDON time is my enemy too,but best news is i am retiring at a very early age in almost 3 months (i cant wait) ,since money is not a problem and can work on my robots almost full time
Instead of a hour or so a day
MY girlfriend kinda helps me build robots
Gotta luv the humanity behind robot makers..kudos rgordon...persevere..but family first!
Amazing build.
Yes family first.
Sometimes dreams take time, but that just adds to the fun of making progress and finally building something you always dreamed of.
Thanks to DJ many robot dreams can come true.
Thanks for the kind words everyone.
Wow! What a Great Build so far. Can't wait to see the Finish!