Lcd Display For Ezb4 - Using Arduino Mini As Controler

Luis Vazquez

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Hello again,

I have created an LCD Display for the EZB4.

This is a very cheep and easy project.

You will need

1 LCD display ( my code is set up for 2 line 16 char display)
here are 5 of them for about 10 bucks USD

1 Arduino ( any model will work but i recomend the Pro MINI)
Here is a listing of them on ebay

Oh here is the wiring . again I am using the pro mini . this is showing and UNO board. the pin outs are the same.

User-inserted image

To wire your LCD screen to your Arduino, connect the following pins:
LCD RS pin to digital pin 12
LCD Enable pin to digital pin 11
LCD D4 pin to digital pin 5
LCD D5 pin to digital pin 4
LCD D6 pin to digital pin 3
LCD D7 pin to digital pin 2
Additionally, wire a 10K pot to +5V and GND, with it's wiper (output) to LCD screens VO pin (pin3).

User-inserted image

Arduino code:


// LCD and Arduino to EZB4
// Project Created by Luis A. Vazquez

#include <LiquidCrystal.h>
String content = "";
LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);
void setup() {
lcd.begin(16, 2);
lcd.print("EZB4 LCD Display");
lcd.print("By DragonTear");
void loop() {

void readSignalFromComp() {
if (Serial.available()) {
while (Serial.available() > 0) {
int temp =;


if (temp == 17){lcd.clear();}

if (temp == 18){lcd.setCursor(0,0);}

if (temp == 19){lcd.setCursor(0,1);}

if (temp > 31){ lcd.write(temp); }


EZ-Builder Script


UARTWrite(0,2,17, 18, "Hello From" , 19 , "EZ-Builder")

The control codes are:

17 - to clear the screen
18 - Move cursor to line 1
19 - Move cursor to line 2

I hope this was complete and self explanitory, but if not please ask , I am willing to help.

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oh @Richard R , I did not take your first comment in a negative way.. heheh
Luis you are a big help! I've got lots of Arduino C++ code and was disappointed that I could not use it with the EZ-B. I followed your instructions and succeeded in getting to EZ-B talking to and listening to the Arduino via serial didn't realize it was that easy. There is so much sensor code out there for Arduino it's just not practical trying to recode using EZ-Script. This forum post is huge!
Thanks @leversofpower.

Im thinking about putting together a weekly video pod case. Focusing on the ezb4 but also how to hack and reuse other tech with the ezb and robotic in general.
That's a great idea. If you need any help please feel free to let me know.
Thanks for sharing this Luis:) Im working on a project that was primarily Arduino based until i stumbled onto the EZB4. The Arduino will still play a major role in the overall project, but not the Main robot operation, since that has been handed over to the EZB4.
But Ive been wondering how to integrate the Arduino into the system as a backup/fail-safe, in the event that the PC/EZB drops out, such as loss of signal, and still maintain some basic functionality.
@Luis Vazquez, This is great info and yet so simple. Thanks for this thread.
Again Dana I would love to help. The forums here are a bit hard to follow for information like this. I looked at your issue in another post. I hope it helps
Hi, Luis, can you tell me how you connect your arduino to the UART port of the EZB4, thanks a lot.
@Gerald... All you need is just 3 wires
1) common grd connection ....
2) Arduino Tx to Rx on the ezb UART
3) Arduino Rx to the Tx on the ezb UART
@Richard R & @Luis Vazquez - this post really got me thinking about a lot of different things I have wanted to do in the past when I was playing with PICs but quit because I got tired of wire wrapping everything. I got all excited cause I have harvested a bunch of LCD parts, steppers, light banks and what-not from different pieces of equipment and bought an Arduino Micro 'cause it was on sale for $15 at the shack and even bought a SD Card Shield only to find out that you can't use a shield with a Micro, which shows my ignorance to the subject. So I started searching for items online and am now worse off. There is Arduino UNO, YUN, Compatibles, Leonardo and some I can't say nor spell. I found 'Beagle Black Bone' and then the tasty sounding Rasberry PI, which one project I saw for a self contained MAME machine has got me salivating, Canact. My question is: I want to buy something that I can use on its own, but also integrate with EZ-B v4 what would you guys recommend and what 'accessories/shields' should I start with? Or do you know of a good 'bundle' out there for a good price. (USA is my location). *confused*
A Rasberry Pi is a great place to start. Arduino, is more of a single purpose controller, that you program to do something, and walk away, and it simply repeats that, forever.
Arduino has no operating system, where as RP, can be used as a stand alone computer and or media center. Python is a coding language you can use with RP, and much simpler to use than C++ on the Arduino.
In terms of what they can do, it's sort of a toss up, and each one is geared for a specific thing, with a huge overlap, in what is possible in terms of motor robotics, ei. motors and controls. To make the RP a little more robust in the world of external electronics projects, you will most certainly want an add on shield for expansion, but not needed out of the box, plenty I/O to get you up and running.
If you looking for more of a warm and fuzzy device that is more on the surface that a plain text IDE, than RP. If you simply want to code out a project put it to work repeating and carrying out task, then Arduino.
@Dana W - sounds like a Raspberry PI is the way to go for most of what I want to do and Arduino will be setup for smaller projects. Now another question - does anyone have a recommended package/brand to purchase. I have been looking at

I want to buy a 'package' because I don't want to get one and then have to turn around immediately to purchase something else to start using because I forgot something.
The first kit is a great buy! Looks like im going to be getting that one next:) Building my Grandson a RP computer.
@Dana W - I will let you know about the first kit listed. Should be on my doorstep tomorrow. I also ordered an Arduino Uno because I couldn't resist.:D
Thank you @Richard R & @Luis Vazquez for the tips on ez integration with arduino, serial, etc...question what would be the method for connecting multiple nodes?

I think this approach is what ROS is geared towards, but using a different protocol (MQTT?), but seems to be the progressive model by having independent nodes/slaves to an MCU or central node. I want to start building with ez for the complex built in functions, but certainly see the value in having other micros doing other functions but with 2 way communication to ez.
I2c is the smartest. Because there will never be interference and it's much easier to let the hardware do the work, unlike mqtt
Ok so @DJ you would suggest I look into connecting arduinos or other micros via the I2c bus? I can have multiple nodes on I2c correct?
You bet. Each arduino would be an i2c Slave mode. 127 devices can be chained.

And it's fast!
Thanks @DJ that sounds familiar, I hadn't used the I2c bus too much in previous arduino/pi projects.

I am still looking into mqtt for some other uses, perhaps through a plugin as we've been discussing here , for easy integration into openHAB and some other systems I have running in the home.

I recently bought the EZ dev kit and am eagerly awaiting my recent omnibot purchases to get going on my first project!