Another Inmoov Modification


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I redesigned the Top Stomach Pistons for quicker movement. The STL files are on Thingiverse.

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And again, thanks for sharing. It is awesome to see you working on improvements for this project. I cant wait to get back to mine.
creepily realistic. Very smooth programing. Are you getting that smooth movement by using the auto-positioner?

Maybe you mentioned it somewhere else but what did you do to modify for quicker movement?

EDIT: nevermind. I followed your link and found out. Nice engineering. I don't know what the original design was like but I like what I see on your mod.
Do you get many trick-or-treaters? If so.... He needs a scary mask!
@Dave S, Yes, the movement was created with just 3 Auto Positions. I use the Auto Position control a lot - it makes creating gestures and movements very EZ!
@DJ, We get between 0 and 5 kids every year - I might have him visible and moving around in the shop with some scary lighting, for those that do come over.
I redesigned the Top Stomach so it can lean forward and backwards. It is based on a ball joint and 3 servos. It still needs some work but it works pretty good.

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That's brilliant!

What's next, legs?
Very nice Bob. Your 3d design skills always amaze me. Your Inmoov keeps getting more life like.

The old saying, "keeping up with jones" is going put in the poor house, lol. :D
Wow! That is awesome! Love the innovation. Well done using only three servos as well.
United Kingdom
Excellent work Bob, as always.
The video looks great!

I actually used one of your stomach pinion gears modifications in my InMoov for the elbow joints, without having to modify the servo and setup the external pot for the elbow joint. It works pretty well, you do lose some slight moment, when you move the elbow to 90 deg, but not much.

Keep up the modifications.

Wow, cool Bob. Pretty soon he'll be able to dance the Hoky Poky!
Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
@cem, I hadn't thought of using those pistons in the biceps, I might change mine too. You do lose some torque with them but you gain speed.
And DJ, yes, legs are on the drawing board.
Your improvements are amazing!
@Bob, sweet! Thanks Bob, getting them now. I will let you know how it comes out in a couple of weeks. :)
Awesome work Bob. You're quite an inspiration. So much inmoov stuff going on at this forum now.
As I sit here looking at the BH neck on my bot.