Inmoov Project


Holy moly is that ever great! I'm glad to be the first to comment also:)
Thanks.. I will be looking for help on this project.. it is huge.. I cann see at least 20 sevos that need control.

BTW - am I able to run to cameras at once?
United Kingdom
Love it! I've been following the Inmoov robot for a while, I'd love to build one myself but doubt I'll ever get around to being able to afford to own a makerbot so it's great to see one being made on here.

Yes you should be able to run two cameras at once. I had problems running 2 EZ-cams though as they showed up as the same device name in Windows which confused ARC (this was a while ago mind you, it may have been updated). What's the problem running 2 cameras that you've run in to?
Thinking one camera for motion and one for Face Recognition or whatever.
Great Project! I really like the Inmoov robot as well and when I buy my first 3D printer......... after I complete FRED build Wall-E C3PO B9.... well projects are piling up....anyways thanks for sharing and I look forward to more progress vids!
Now just leave it on to track movement and freak out your guests;) that's a ton of seperate parts to print. I bet that took days. Good job.
"I believe this is the DROID we are looking for."
Very impressive :-} I have been searching online today looking at 3d printers, the more things I see people making on this site, the more I am getting anxious to buy a 3d printer, just trying to find the right one for my needs :-} This project is really awesome, will be watching your progress.
Here's a USA version of the Chinese FlashForge 3D printer that is very similar to the MakerBot but 1/2 the price.

USA-FlashForge 3D
@stonewolf- LOL, me too. I actually ordered a Solidoodle 2 and ebayed some filament yesterday.;)
Robot Doc, are you happy with the FlashForge 3D? Has it been mechanically sound?
@jackphillips1953, did you use an ez-robot camera in your InMoov eye?
lol @ Josh ..." This is the Droid we have been looking for, now find the rest of him":D