Easy Led Visual Test For Digital Ports Tutorial J Starnes


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During my last setup with a h bridge I was frustrated and wish I could see if the ports were active at the time they were triggered but I don't have enough hands to hold a meter , not short something out and still toggle ports to troubleshoot my setup. So I wanted to share this idea. All you need is a servo connector or jumper cables. Cut off the red wire. Connect a left long lead ( pos) to the white and short lead to ground Ta DA! Easy
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Ohms law indicates - Amps is limited by the resistance of the circuit at a given voltage. For current to increase so would voltage input and its works in reverse as well. Lower the voltage input and current will lower as the resistance of the circuit remains the same. There's no reason for a resistor in this device.... In this case a led does not draw more than the current rating of ezb digital outputs. Lets not make a simple and easy to use tutorial get complicated for no good reason for a new user that does not understand ohms law and its uses.;) okie dokie
ok,just trying to help you from a burned led, when driving a led at more then the correct current it will burn out
I only bought it up because of dougpope comment and his is right about it too. :)
JOSH hope to see some photos of your designs to check all the pins on the EZB ,could help others thats not much into electronics and would make it easy for testing the outputs too.
Oh no I never got that h bridge to reverse so I tossed it . I'm moving this week so I have not done much work with all the errands.
WOW thats wierd JOSH mine works great when i hook it up.
By the way that h bridge was faulty , the right side could not reverse but everything else worked so I tossed it. I'm going to buy some directly from ez robot it feels like money better spent;)