Humanoid robotic hand Mk2 by the Technomanc3r


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Hey all! just wanted to show off my finished robotic hand design! Designed entirely from scratch, including DIY linear actuators using standard servos. Powered by arduino and programmed using synthiam/ez-robot software! Thank you for continuing to develop such great software for us inventors to use in our projects!

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Such a cool clip, nice intro...good lighting and of course great work!! 
Keep it up!!:D
Hey all! So sorry its been a while since I updated this project. Its still under works, but I had to take a bit of time to design the body.

A bit of good news for you all as well!:) I have decided to share and open source the files. I just have a few adjustments to make and film a tutorial! I do apologize to those I was hesitant to share the files with, I am an artist and special effects producer by profession, so its been trained into me to keep my work a little exclusive. But robotics fields are a different animal and I want to see the project grow and progress! The tutorial will go up on soon!
Sweet. Thanks for making this available to the community. Welcome back. You do great work.
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Great videos, the hand moves very fast for actuators, when will the .stl files become available, as printing all the parts will take some time, having the printed parts completed and ready for  when you produce you tutorial, would in my view the better way to go. and you would get feedback on printing issues that may arrise.