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A while back I was working on a humanoid robot but I only have worked from the waist up. The Bluetooth was not working with my old computer, and I just bought a new laptop not too long ago, and now am able to work on my robot these are some pictures from my Teddy project, I got the inspiration from the movie artificial intelligence (A.I). Since we are close to valentines day there are plenty of bears to choose from. If you guys have any feed back please let me know or if there is something you would change from this. I will be more than happy to read your ideas and thoughts. I tried adding a YouTube video but there was an error downloading it.

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Nice work! A.I. is one of my favorite movies of all time!


Here is the video hope you guys like it


Awesome! I wanted to do this with a ted doll.

To be honest I weenied out. Thought it would be too much work.

Love the use of household items for the skeloton.


Awesome! Great robot! Did you have a hard time stuffing the robot frame inside the bear? How did you get the camera to stay so the bear skin is tight around it?


Very cool! Nice work. Thanks for sharing.


hoolagen actually, it is pretty simple just make a skeleton, cut the bear from the back and try to fit it in. I was lucky that the skeleton I made fit the bear, the forearm was long but I just cut off a few centemeters from the stick and it was able to fit in the bear's arm.


Yes justinratliff, it was a nightmare to stuff everything in haha. Specially to have the camera right where the nose is. And I used a 500ml water bottle I put lots of tape and glue to make it as steady possible. I cut the bottle in half and glued the camera in the bottle so the lense would see trough the hole on the top of the bottle, then when I put in that part into the bear I wraped a couple of rubber bands so that the skin of the bear and the top of the bottle would hold together while I glued the bottle and the skin together with hot glue


I keep looking over the frame....I just noticed each arm has 3dof. that's awesome. the arm can move up and down, in and out and wave. very well done.

any ideas on getting the bear either walking or moving on hand and feet?

im totally doing this to a "baby Chewbacca" i have.

ill post a pick tonight.


Yes, it does here is a bad drawing of the rotation points on his right arm

User-inserted image

And for walking I do have an idea, what I am thinking is copy the the arms and switch the way the elbow moves to the proper way a knee would move, but again I don't know if it will stable this way. Am going to buy some servos and test it out. And I'll like to check out your baby chewbacca let me know wen its up


The Chewbacca is too small. I'll have to purchase the ted doll.


You might be able to use the micro servos if its small