Ez-bo, My Experimenting Robot


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I enjoy experimenting with the different controls available with easy builder, and exploring all the different options available, using the script language. With this in mind I decided to build a small, simple robot based on my old Boe-Bot chassis. I have tried to incorporate all the different sensors and LEDs I had hanging around so that my experimenting could be broader based.

At the present time, I have added these devices to experiment with 3 servo motors 2 modified servos 1 PIR Infrared Two axis accelerometer Sonar detector Photo resistor Two RGB LEDs Two standard LEDs Bicolor LED

I have made the front and back panels removable in case I have some new ideas. Video coming soon.

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That's great, it's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking to build for testbot (except currently he is a box).


Here is a video of EZ-Bo getting blinking LEDs for his arms.


That's super creative! Nice work and thank you for sharing:D

it's real neat that you put a story together with him. Adds a lot of character - rather than watching a robot just move around and stuff... Bo has a great personality


Lol neat , like the little skit you put together


MovieMaker I just posted my most recent version on the EZ Bo project on ezcloud in the "Incomplete Robots" category. I am currently working on a new video, so the scripts are a tad jumbled.


Good work! one tiny...small... suggestion regarding the text to speech. I often mis spell words to make them sound "better".....like I hear "robutt" coming from Bo which IS kinda funny too:) . You might try spelling robot like row bought ..or row bawt.......but Bo is looking pretty sweet!


New EZ Bo video. This time Bo awakes from a short nap and shows us all his "stuff",.



EZ Bo's voice is the standard, "Microsoft David", that comes with Windows 8. It is accessible using the Speech Synthesis Settings control, along with a couple other voices.

I would like to see an option to change the voices using scripting, similar to SpeakVolume, so that I could have two or more different talking robots in the same script. Something like a SpeakVoice(value) command would be nice.


I wanted to ask where you got the arms.




Bo's arms are parts from my box of robot toys, gathered from lawn sales over the last few years.