Ez Robot Attacknid 6lr



I have completed this robot. It is an Attacknid robot modified with an EZB V3..It stands 18 inches high. Has a 12 volt lithium battery and dual h-bridge motor driver..Sound led board with microphone . Total project cost under $100..Great walking action.. 12icnch led acrylic fan on top for visual and cooling .See attached video.

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I am impressed at how much weight that base can handle and still walk pretty easily.... Nice work Rob... :)


You know all I am imagining in that top dome is a brain. That would be awesome lol

United Kingdom

Throw a plasma ball in that dome :)

Or you could just get one of these (Don't pay that price! Speak to @Toymaker, he had a few of these kicking around).


Well done! I am going to start hacking my Attacknid with Ezb v4 very soon :)

United Kingdom

Great job @rb550f. For the size of it, it's really strong and stable. I've got to agree with Rich, a plazma ball in its head would look great. I love the rest of the lighting on it too. Enjoyed the video demo. Very impressive.


@rb550f - Way cool. It looks like a cheap-o hex bug on steroids. Me Likey.


rb550f, Very nice build. I like your diversity, exploring what you can do with EZ Robot , so many cool bots! Steve S;) ;)


Great job; love those toy hacks. Hex walker for 100, good luck doing it any other way.


Very cool work! I will be glad to see your video when you have a new one posted.