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I have been printing the files that were generously supplied by Mickey666mauss for his creation of Zoe.  I was interested in the original Zoe head as it just appealed to me as I wanted to have a socially interactive robot and I feel that robot would not be viewed as to human looking and get a negative reaction.  like my inmoov and buddy my human looking robot head seem to get on occasion.  I wanted to have my Zoe have a mouth so emotion could be verbal.  so I have added a  mouth on zoe which I think looks very good and also works very well.  Other changes I have made to Mickey's design, I have a lot of regular servos mostly metal gear, I decided to make my version of zoe with standard servos and using a EZ-robot V4 Controller as this is what I am more comfortable with.  of course I had to alter the parts of zoe to fit standard servos, which was not an easy task as I feel I am not that good with Cad design.  but I managed to make due.     This version of Zoe will be mobile mounted on a mobile base and I have lots of design to complete to make that happen.  My version of Zoe is not complete but most of the parts have been printed.  I have had a belt self destruct on my delta printer and I am waiting for a replacement and during this pandemic it will take a while.  the arms are almost complete but I will add pictures of that and Zoe moving later.  the pictures I have downloaded show Zoe and Zoe with eyes illuminated.  the camera is also installed the lights are bright so Zoe can see better in the dark.
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@Nomad6R @EzAng   Yes I can Play Guitar. mostly acoustic but I had a desire to play Jazz so I built this guitar.  you can play electric or acoustic. it is great fun.  I am a luthier and have built from scratch hurdy gurdies, nyckelharpa, fiddles, monkey organs, uilleann Irish bagpipes , recorders and ukulele, the largest is harpsichords here is a picture of my new guitar in front of one of my harpsichords. the oil painting is by me and I also do oil paintings.  too old and very little time.  User-inserted image
You have many great talents, which one is your real job?

So when will a video be displayed of one of your robots?

@EzAng Thanks for the nice Comment,  Just between you and me I don't think many members of Synthiam  appreciate when you make videos, not many even comment on your videos and they don't realize the time and effort it takes to make videos.  I use my time for building and  designing.  and I like helping members with fresh ideas.  if you check youtube there are a few videos I made of my inmoov robot.   Cog is my latest robot and not many members found interest in Cog.  as it is not in my nature to impress people, I build for myself.  That is why it is so quiet at synthiam.  no body like to comment on anything.  maybe they will just leave a thumbs up.  I can't recall you leaving a comment on Cog.   see what I mean.
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Hi nallycat,

you have an email, let's talk. what is your YouTube channel, I will watch?

I am not in this for any accolades or praises, just to learn.

You said nallycat: "
Just between you and me I don't think many members of Synthiam appreciate when you make videos, not many even comment on your videos and they don't realize the time and effort it takes to make videos." 

I guess my wife is my biggest fan, lol - She puts up with all my shenanigans I come up with.

I know DJ and others here are doing big things and are light years away from me in this knowledge - I am just small potatoes. I don't profess to be anything here.

I enjoy all your robots and help you give, I just used a version of the mouth you suggested to me, I just commented on your last post with your InMoov and a guitar, I just commented on Dave's B9 - not that many viewer there... see what I mean?

By the way I play acoustic, a nylon stringed guitar now most of the time. I have all the Fenders and Gibsons I will ever need.

Again - I am interest to see your Cog, InMoov or whatever you created in a video- videos inspire me . Please send me you links on youtube , thanks

We shall push on and forward my friend in this venture!

Please be well,

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Well I am very interested in any updates on Cog...please share a couple of pics an some text! I know that making a video takes forever  but a small post wont hurt!:)

Btw I am a tattooist so I do appreciate art in general, may it be oil painting, music or robot building!!

So please share!!:D
@EzAng @Mickey666Maus  Sorry guys for not responding.   I have been working on Cog's wheel base, and as you know Mickey the design you create is not usually the final one, lots of re-building. and long printing sessions.  but hay that is the hobby.  and I have watched Dave's B9 videos all of them, and I did not leave a comment, so I guess I an as guilty as the rest.   There are members that we never hear from.  Will has not finished his part 4 yet, hope it is not problems with his aged mother, I know what that is like.    It's nice to find out what other members are interested in, and where their robot creativity comes from.  you don't want too many oops moments as a tattooist ah. Mickey.    my name is Bruce
Hi again,

Can any of you two help Nomad?  ADC ports - servos
Hi nallycat,

I want to see a video of Cog when ready :-)

I believe everyone here is just busy in what they are doing,
@Nomad 6R  there is a tutorial on synthiam for that, have a look at " Using ADC (Analog to Digital) Ports, Commands and Controls." by Steve G.
hi nallycat

i got the tutorial from ezang and put it in my fav.
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besides all this, lol,

did you see my new video?

(just kidding, Nomad)
Hey Bruce, could be that somtimes there is not as much participation in a thread as one would like to see...but maybe some are too shy, while others might not have something to bring to the table.
I have watched Dave's B9 videos too, and did not comment...just because I am not really a part of the B9 builders world, which on the other hand does not imply that I am not interested or inspired by Daves's work!:)
Also I am really happy to have sparked some building fun from my side, but of course Cog is your creation...that was the whole idea of it in the first place, sharing ideas to develope!!

Keep it up!! Good to have you!!!
XXX Swann aka Mickey666Maus
I agree, its been great to see some new builds again. Sharing ideas and comments between us all, has been both enlightening and helpful. Lets keep it going:) Look forward to seeing what we can do next .
nallycat o' buddy,

Where can I find your videos on youtube?


@EzAng  As I have said I don't waste my time making videos, as no one watches them anyway,  but the last one I made was when I was replacing Bruce-e elbows with the new aerious planitary gear elbows .  It was called My inmoov robot wants to go trick or treating.  there are a few others I can't remember where.
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I watched all 3 videos - Very Good my friend, thanks 

I know there are many other things to do in life, like at my country / farm place, I am getting my solar energy and military generated perfected beside trying to tame the wilderness  :-)

I played the guitar for many years, even gave lessons before the virus situation happened, this stopped me. :(
So I can either say, no one listens to me now or I choose to say, I am playing guitar for my own enjoyment, yes.

Be well my friend, I see you have many great talents, enjoy what you do, not caring who else cares or doesn't care.

I know this was some months ago but I just joined here.  I like the bot, the design, and the whole look.  I'd like to see what's inside the base if you ever post more pics.  If you change your mind on making vids, I'd love to see it in action.  Having made videos myself, I can understand, its a lot of work so a very small set of people can see what you do.  I enjoyed your InMoov in costume most of all.

Hi Martin,

nallycat always did great work - I wish he had more videos