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As I said before, I've been working on a 24 DOF humanoid robot (what i believe to be the most DOF in a EZ-Robot humanoid) and I finally have a good camera to show him off! As you can see, his two wrist microservos are currently off. (I'm waiting for my threadlocker to glue/bolt these on) and as is his head (it hasn't come yet, same as the EZ-B v4):D

All I need now is to extend the leg cables and get a bigger battery, glue the head and hands/wrists on, and he's ready!

Feel free to comment, if you have any suggestions, tell me!

(P.S, this IS a custom robot. This is not a standard Robotis robot.)

also, the pictures were taken later at night, so please excuse the darkness.

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Also, guys. Can an elmer's glue stick damage the Dynamixel's casing?
As promised, here are some more photos of the robot! The casing of the backpack is off (i'm fixing it; hopefully i can show it in the next photo) and the hands are on him. Give me your opinions!

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goodlooking robot. part F7 on choulder.the arm will not go all the way up.
It actually goes up/down just fine. It's for holding down the wires (hot glue) without having to glue directly to the dynamixel.
It looks like you are using all Robotis Bioloid building parts including the servos. I see from the pictures that you switched a couple of the frame brackets. Anyway, I have a Bioloid Premium kit. Its 18 DOF and more can be added (up to 256 I beleive). It comes with a CM-530 controller (ARM Cortex Type) which supports Bluetooth wireless control, PC and USB communication. It interfaces to a Gyro Sensor Module, IR sensors, and Distance measuring sensor. It has a Zigbee communication module that interfaces to a remote control unit. It also has Robotis Software runnung on a PC which allows you to position the posture of the robot and record it to a motion file, because it can read the position of the Dynamixel servos. This make it extremely easy to create walking, dancing, etc. motions with the robot. Also the Dynamixel servo can be wired to each other (serially) without each servo being wired directly to the controller. Until ARC is modified to do the same, I don't see the advantage to using the EZ-B v4 to power the bioloid. Making it walk is going to be much more complex than just using the Robotis software. I know that DJ ordered a Dynamixel servo to see what he could do and hopefully he can add the full functionality this servo offers. I would love to switch to the EZ-B on this robot. What am I missing?
I'm using it both to challenge myself (this will be a learning experience for myself) and to make a robot that i've always wanted. The EZB v4 can actually read everything from a dynamixel, but so far you need a custom script to read all of it. It also allows for a camera, which will add a lot more capabilities of the robot. Mainly, for me anyways, it all balances on if you want to put in the effort to make this work or not.

EDIT: this robot was all actually bought separately (using a bioloid manual PDF), and reduced my cost by about 100 dollars or so. i did go a bit off course to allow for longer arms, but besides that, yes. everything is pretty much standard.
Got any pics of the chest you want printed?
I can 3d model and print also.
I even have a Bioloid robot to test fit it on.
Happy building!
We are adding full dynamixal support to ARC and the sdk to work like regular servos:)
that great to hear.i have 3 bioloids c-type /A-type and comprehencive whit turning AX-S1
Great news! I have a Bioloid with dynamixal servos.
Awesome. If EZ starts supporting them I'll pick one up. I've kinda always wanted to but then you need a C controller and I believe the cheapest one is $50. Looking forward to this advancement as well. You just keep knocking out of the park DJ;)
@dj sures

awesome! will this also include the daisy chain option?
bobbo whits one do you have?
Nonam@I have the Bioloid Premium Kit with the CM-530 controller and Zigbee module. I built the Bioloid type A.
i got also type A but whit chest comprehencive and cm-510.i use the 510 cause you can refirmwire servo's and controller.
Cool my Bioloid will be a EZ-B robot too!
I need to buy a few more EZ-Bs.
Man, it's been a while since I posted in here! I'd just like to share what I did with the robot:
-rewired the body to all be connected
-changed the shoulder joints
-added a battery to power the cooling fan/micro servos
-fixed the way the arms work a bit

this should make it function a bit better when I finally get my EZB v4:P

i'll post the pictures as soon as my camera is charged
sorry for the lack of pictures, i've actually started work on a body shell and i'll post results in a little bit