My First Robot


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iRis is my first attempt of a robot. She isn't quite done yet, but she will be my telepresence robot for work when I get her completed.

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Well Done great to see another power chair
Have you used the original base or built it up
Awesome! I've always had a secret passion for wheelchair robots. so in the vid, it's chasing your daughter(?) around the room face tracking? and you've set it up to stop at a certain distance away from someone?
@keithjmoore ...I admire a robot builder who allows his robot to engage the family!:) I think your son said "daddy this is broke" ..very cute...its been a loooong time since I was called daddy. As the robot iRis becomes more programmed , perhaps you might employ buttons for the little ones to make the iRis do little functions for them as well! Just a thought!:)
This is the original wheelchair base. I will spend some time welding in a future rev of the robot. I am actually chasing my daughter around remotely with iRis. The intention of this is a telepresence bot, so I am not looking to automate the tracking yet... But soon. I would love assistance with programming iRis to automate actions. I only built her about three weeks ago, 15 minutes here and there at night.
United Kingdom
Looking nice. Good job:)
Great job.Proud of you...I like your design.You should have a great robot when complete.Keep the innovations coming.You can check a couple of my projects. always give me inspiration to see other peoples projects.
Awesome first robot! Good work. Such are large bot in a small space has its own challenges. - Josh S