Advanced Realistic Humanoid Robot Named Adam


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The Project Goal

I'm planning to build an advanced humanoid robot. Think Ex Machina, The Terminator, Data from Star Trek, etc... So just like Data on Star Trek's creator created Data to look just like him, I'm making mine a mirror image of myself! I want the robot to ultimately move like a human, be able to walk, run, jump, do chores, dance, do sports, have conversations realistically, paint, do sculpture, etc. Hope you enjoy following me on my EPIC journey:)

About Me

I'm Larry from Undisclosed. I have a background in computer programming as well as a lot of trades (electrical, mechanical, construction, etc). I also am an artist - sculptor, painter. I consider myself an inventor and an innovator. My current inspiration is Elon Musk.

Robot Features Planned

I plan to start out sculpting the left arm and hand, rigging them up with servo motors, connecting that up to a pc, and getting it to grasp. From there I will develop the torso, the skull, the legs, the feet, and the other arm. The bot will have silicone skin and look realistic and move realistic. It will have artificial lungs for cooling. It will have spandex ligaments and pulley systems to imitate muscles. It will have sensors to feel if it bumps into things and it will have webcam eyes. It will have a speaker in the mouth to speak with and the mouth will move to lipsync what it is saying. It will have facial expressions. It will have advanced artificial intelligence. It will run on battery and/or power cable depending on the situation.

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Also, here's a link to the hand video where I demonstrate its range of motion:

My project website is

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Hi Gary, Wow, that's quite an undertaking. Do you have a time line on how you would like to move through this process? I do hope you keep us posted as you build your twin. Good luck and have fun!:)
Hey Gary, great intro. Your project sounds very ambitious!

Whereabouts in Indiana? I live outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.
@dave I anticipate 5-10 years to build it and another 15-20yrs coding the ai.

@wbs thanks!

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@artbyrobot, holy cow, 30 years to compete! I'll be dead by then. Dude, ya gota move that time up. I want to see this thing in action. lol:P

Hey, I live in Milwaukee which is about 90 miles north of Chicago. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see your creation at a show or something some day. ;)
@Dave OMG you are extremely kind and I'm so pumped up to work on the robot reading comments like yours. You are fueling my passion like crazy. Keep being awesome dude!
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exoskeleton mesh making of the arm! The fumes of the epoxy are cancerous so I used my gas mask and the fumes of the super glue were irritating my eyes, hence the goggles!
Here's a little update on the project. Finally got the hand bones joined and ready to rig!
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Also, here's a link to the hand video where I demonstrate its range of motion:


Here is my latest progress on the bot. I made a exoskeleton mesh of my head and neck to aid in sculpting the skull and defining the neck for the bot!
OK, that brings a whole new meaning to the term selfie. ;)
Haha! Yeah it was not the best day for a pizza guy to deliver pizza. I think he'd run if I came to the door looking like this haha!
That video reminds me of some crazy scientist in a pot apocalyptic world trying to create a cyborg of himself to live for ever! Nice work!
Hi, Is there something able to move the fingers in that rubber glove ?
It seems that artbyrobot is more interested in the physical appearance of his robot than studying the highly complex technical issues to make it work, that large teams of researchers , investing million dollars , are studying around the world.