3 axis skull Halloween Prop


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Finally got my EZB in the mail. Put together a quick video to show off the functionality of my project. Keep in mind this is the very very beginning. I will soon be adding a video camera to enable motion/facial tracking. I will keep updating as I make progress. This is the first "robot" I've ever built. The EZB and the ARC software really made this simple.

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Wow this scary and cool and the same time!
WOW I foresee some very terrified kids next Halloween. Great project/job!
Man that is going to be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME for halloween!

Here is the finished crow with flickering eyes mentioned in the LED thread, and a micro servo in the crow body.

Random servo movement + random sleep for 1-10 seconds for the video. I'll probably extend the time to 25 seconds or so later on.
WOW cjmekeel You bird is amazing, nice job! Brings back haunting memories of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie though *sick*
Dude that crow is so creepy... I LOVE IT!
It came out pretty good. The body was $1 from one of those "everything's a dollar" stores. The LEDs are practically nothing and the micro servo was $3. So a suprisingly cheap project.

It'll compliment the animated skeleton nicely. The random movements and random sleep times really give it a more realistic feel.

I'm thinking about a doing a rat with the same effects. I have plenty of ports left on my EZB, might as well use them up!

The skull is down currently because I burnt out the jaw servo, so I'm awaiting a replacement. Once it's running again, I'll post another video.
Brilliant job. As a suggestion you could add a motion tracking camera to one eye of the skull and a red LED to the other. And perhaps you could add a mp3 trigger for the crow.
Those are great ideas. These are part of a larger animated scene. I trigger an mp3 and the skull moves and talks and the crows eyes flicker. I also have an antique radio whose dial will move and light up. I will post a video shortly.

Thanks for the suggestions though!

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Here is the decorated skull.

Here is a video. Unfortunately, its being driven by a Polulu maestro servo controller and VSA's demo software for now. I didn't want to risk burning out any more servo's. Once the automation abilities are within ARC (no hurry! :P ) I will use the EZB.

You'll notice it has no tilt capabilities, since I moved that servo to the jaw for the time being, while I await replacements.

No way dude, creepy as hell *eek*
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Here is an antique radio I found. Although you can't see it, the dial is illuminated by LED's. The dial is driven by a micro servo. This one is controlled by the EZB and ARC!

In the scene, the radio will have a speaker in it that warns viewers of an escaped patient from the local lunatic asylum.

Not sure why the first video didn't work.
Cjmekeel, I was reading along then I saw this half rotten skull with eyes and literately said "Holy $#*%!!"

Very scary...I just know on haloween some of the kids who come to your house will leaved scared. :D Very nice job!
This is good stuff, cjmekeel - keep the updates coming!
Haha man please give me your address so I can come tricker treating at your house!
The complete set-up will amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product.
Working on "corpsing" the body for the skull this week. Hopefully will have that done within a week and I will post some pictures of the entire set up. I made some LED pen lights to add some color and mood to the scene too.
CJ were you able to use VSA with EZB ? If so how?

No, unfortunately the EZB is not compatible with VSA. You may be able to write an interface using VSA's console (I think that's what they call it) but I haven't tried. DJ Sures is working on some animation menus for ARC that may have functionality similar to VSA's.

I used VSA with a pololu maestro servo controller. it's a great program but expensive. ARC is free so I can spend my money on more props!

Here is my full body test. The prop is 90% done. Looking good so far. Still need the automation part of ARC so I can finish the routine. (hint hint)
Okay okay!! I was working on it last week. The control is difficult but I have an idea.

For the short time, how about I build something simple specifically for you.
wow congrats dude.
where did you get that skeleton?
Here are a few links of what I have done with my 3 axis skulls.

There are lots more videos on YouTube if you are interested. Just search for "Sindy Skinless"