Update To My Wall-e


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update 9-9-2013 added pics of the sparkfun mp3 trigger and installation.

check it out! I have added body tilt, forward back, left and right.

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WoW, watch that back movement, lol.


i know right!

I was going to edit out....but thought it was funny


Hoolagen1, That is what my original Wall E, Does all the time, without EZB. Steve S

United Kingdom

Nice work. I really need to do my Wall-E, videos like these give me the inspiration I need, now if only I had the time too.

Great work!


Looking good! How did you do yours?


Sup troy,

I used your set up for the body tilt. Thanks again for all the pics and advise on your thread! The only problem was the body is much smaller than the u command wall e, so I placed all 4 servos under the body instead of inside.

I will. Set up the rest of the servos and show off all the point of movement.

3 motions in the head (4 servos) 1 neck in and out motion (1 servo) 2 motions in each arm (2 servos per arm) Body tilt and wheels.(4 servos) Plus a smoke sensor / 2 ir sensors / mp3 sounds and LEDs

Trying to break into the top 5 of tricked out wall-e's on the forum!


Great job. Im glad you were able to improve on it. We all are learning from each other. You have a lot of movement in the head and body. I love it. Again great job. All you need are some dance scripts.:D


I concur with Troy! ......very cool Wall-E which I will be following!


adding sparkfun mp3 trigger i cut some slots on the top of the body for the main switch and access to the micro sd card.

first some pics of the wall e

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

now some pics of the slots that i cut

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

now some pics of the mp3 trigger board in the body

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

and finally some pics of the micro sd card and main button "popping" out of the slots i cut.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Smoke sensor and "all movement" video coming up.

I love robots!