3 axis skull Halloween Prop


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Finally got my EZB in the mail. Put together a quick video to show off the functionality of my project. Keep in mind this is the very very beginning. I will soon be adding a video camera to enable motion/facial tracking. I will keep updating as I make progress. This is the first "robot" I've ever built. The EZB and the EZ-Builder software really made this simple.

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Here is my full body test. The prop is 90% done. Looking good so far. Still need the automation part of EZBuilder so I can finish the routine. (hint hint)
Okay okay!! I was working on it last week. The control is difficult but I have an idea.

For the short time, how about I build something simple specifically for you.
wow congrats dude.
where did you get that skeleton?
Here are a few links of what I have done with my 3 axis skulls.

There are lots more videos on YouTube if you are interested. Just search for "Sindy Skinless"