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Why No Mac :,( ?

My PC recently decided to give up on life; actually the hard drive broke. So I decided that instead of paying over and over again to get this thing fixed Id switch to a Mac. But DJ, why dont you support the mac yet? *stress* I have a solution! One of the key features of Lion OS X is the apps (or at least I think this is a new feature). So why not...
XBOX 360 Controller Support?

XBOX 360 Controller Support?

I am trying to get my the ARC program to recognize my 360 controller. It is plugged in via USB, and windows has it listed in the Devices menu. Any suggestions?...


I just got my Bluetooth adapter in the mail today, when I went to connect to the EZB, it couldnt find the device. It must be the EZB as my phone will connect to the Bluetooth and be recognised easily. The only thing I have done to the EZB since I got it was rewire the power to the two connection points beside the barrel connector. The reason I did...

Ping Sensor Orientation

Quick question, Does it matter which way I install the Ping Sensor? Its in a tight space and I would like to place it so the connection pins are up as opposed to down. I would plug it into the EZ-B for a test, but I am still waiting on a Bluetooth adapter (thats the last time I order something from southern china). I assume its would be fine, but I...

A Few Questions...

Hey DJ, (if your still around :P) I got a few questions... - Can the EZ-Robot run completely on its own? Or does it always need a computer to function? - My laptop apparently has Bluetooth, but I cannot seem to be able to find any option to search for devices, is there another way to connect to the EZ-Robot board? - The possibilities your board has...

World Maker Faire?

Hey DJ Sures! Will you be at World Maker Faire in New York City this September?

2.4G Wireless Webcams

If you are having trouble hunting down a decent wireless webcam here is a great ebay seller Linky However in the future where this link might not work, simply do a search for Konig Electronic CMP-WEBCAM100 and you should find that model. - TXTCLA55
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